Tuesday, January 21, 2020

MLK's dream realized in Virginia 2nd Amendment protest

Despite the popular narrative and hysterics of Virginia's Gov. Ralph 'blackface' Northam, other pro-regressive politicians and popular media, the people who came out to protest against the Virginia legislature proposing laws to infringe upon their natural right to keep & bear arms, were not confined to violent red neck white racists. In fact the protest, which was held on Martin Luther King jr. Day, was filled with Americans of every race, creed, sexual orientation, locale and economic strata, and they - many of whom were extremely well armed - came together to peacefully protest the individual right of every person to enjoy the equal right to keep and bear arms as protected by our 2nd Amendment, based not on their race, but upon the content of their character.

I think Martin Luther King jr. would have been proud.

As Dana Loesch noted,
"Virginia’s annual Second Amendment rally came and went and the state’s legislative session is underway. Despite the hype from gun control advocates, Democrats like Ralph Northam, and many in legacy media, the rally was peaceful, even joyous, and beautifully diverse."
Those who realize that their individual rights are in jeopardy, are not confined to any group - racial, economic, or otherwise - and they (Tea Party, 2A, etc) are driven to protest peacefully in support of everyone's individual rights, because what drives them to speak out is their regard for everyone's rights being treated equally under the law.

Those (antifa, etc) who have no concern or regard for anyone's rights, except as fig-leaves for the privilege of depriving others of exercising their individual right to think differently, are the ones who naturally use violence as a means of protest, because gaining power over others is their ideal, that is the society they desire.

Look at the pictures, videos & links in Dana Loesh's post on the protest, and you'll get a glimpse of the Americans who value the individual rights which our constitutional rule of law upholds and protects, and the attempt to paint them all in white face, is, to say the least, racist to the core.