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Greatest Hits
Summing it all up
* Dehumanism: The Mystical World of the New Atheists

Reasons of Reason
* Do You Have A Reason For Saying That?
* I Wonder Why...?
* That seems reasonable…or what Reason is not
* Spreading the Poison of the Ivy League
* Adding The First Leg to the Three Legged Stool of Reason
* Adding The Second Leg
* Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
* A Summary – Reasons of Reason
* Bogus!

The Reasoning of Individual Rights
* Liberty - It all hangs together, or we all hang separately
* Bloomberg, Obama and the Mosque Mask of Social Vandalism
* What Would the Founders Do? Common Sense says WHO CARES!
* Comments, Socialists, Schools and the Truest Meaning of Left vs. Right

Defending Rights
* "There are no ‘reasons’ for your Rights – stop trying to justify them!"
* "You have No 'Constitutional Rights'. None. Nada."
* "Rights from the source... so to speak"
* "The target is not the 2nd Amdt, or the 1st Amdt, but all of your Rights at once"
* "Abolishing Freedom for the 99%"

Liberal Fascism
* Liberal Fascism - Getting to the Root of the Matter
* The New Scholastics Liberal Fascism
* Liberal Fascism: The Spiral of Knowledge

Modern Madness
* Ad Hominem Ad Hominem Ad Infinitum Part 1
* Behind the Ad Hominem's stand the
* The Low Hanging Fruit - pt 3
* The Trees That Bare The Barren Fruit - pt 4
* Would you trust a liar who told you he was going to lie to you?
* Spreading The Flames
* What never was and never will be - Modern Madness
* Fighting the Method of Intelligent

Race To The Topple
* The Breath of the Beast - "Race To The Top"
* Race To Transform America: "Race To The Top" Educational 'Reform' Program

Our Rotten Common Core Curriculum
* Our School Curriculum's Rotten Common Core - pt.1
* Should the Education of your children include educating the government about your private life? The Rotten Common Core pt 2
* Breaking the Chains – Our Rotten Common Core Part 3a
* You Could Become Educated... but wait...There’s Less! Our Rotten Common Core Part 3b
* A tale of two lessons - Education outside, and inside, wackademia
* Echoes of History Repeating Itself, "This is Cassandra calling: will you accept the charges?"

The Common Core Curriculum's Question: What to do about the parents?
* New answers to a very old question pt.1
* Questioning the goals of the questioners pt.2
* Popular new answers to the same old question pt.3
* The Royal Lie pt.4
* Question: What to do with those who ask what to do about the parents? Common Core State Standards pt. 5

* Govt Healthcontrol? Anyone Remember HMO's?
* Obamacare Violates My Right To Pursue The Healthcare I Choose!
* Govt Healthcare Bill - Those who do not remember the past, are doomed to repeat it.
* Healthcare Mandates Evil 'For The Greater Good'
* nObama Healthcare plan - what's so confusing about it?
* Arbitrary Disasters - The Health of Justice in the Age of Obamao

Van Jones communist 'Contract for America'
* Van Jones 'Contract for America' part 1
* Van Jones 'Contract for America' part 2
* Van Jones 'Contract for America' part 3
* Van Jones 'Contract for America' part 4
* Van Jones 'Contract for America' part 5
* Bringing a knife to a gunfight: A leftie takes a shot at defending Van Jones' 'Contract for America'

What are words for
* What are Words for? - What Are Words For part 1
* Glamorous Thoughts - What Are Words For part 2
* A not so Merry observation on the eve of Christmas
* But Then Again...
* Looking Heirarchy and Lowarchy

Justice (Posts series in progress...)
* There oughta be a Law
* Teaching Justice at Harvard - NOT!
* Point of order
* What IS Justice? eh.. what is the question again?
* What is Justice: Two mis-States of Nature
* Forgotten Beauty and lost Justice
* Cruising for Justice
* The Contextualy Tortured Thoughts of Man Caused Disasters
* Unknown Conspiracies – You don’t think, therefore, they are
* Louis L'Amour: Laconic Law - From Cicero to Blackstone to You
* Back To The Basics: Where Is Justice To Be Found?
* The Liberal Mind of a Conservative - what may not be known - Must be known
* What does Athens have to do with Justice?
* Athens and America: The Bog Of The Gaps
* What Would the Founders Do? Common Sense says WHO CARES!
* Common Sense Anti-Americanism
* Arbitrary Disasters - The Health of Justice in the Age of Obamao
* Common Sense Conspiracies - a Race To The ... Where?
* ♫ ♪ ♬ You say you want a Constitution ... wellll ya know, we all want to change the world ♬ ♪ ♫

Net Neutrality
* Bill Moyers Thugocratic Speech
* Net Neutrality: Internet Control to InterNet Loss
* Nothing but FCC approved Nuts on the NET?!!!
* The Best of Times, or the Worst of Times?
* Net Neutrality - Casting A Wide Regulatory Net To Neuter Us All - Part I
* The Regulatory State of Mind & the Choices it Chooses - Casting a wide regulatory net to neuter us all Part II
* Net Neutrality and our Economies Surprising Growth Industry - the Regulatory State of Mind Part III
* Net Neutrality - Patriotic Anti-Americanism

Aha Conceptual Integration
* What is a proper view of Man's Nature? Aha! Aha
* More Ahh... ha-ha-....Aha! Aha Conceptual Integration
* The Gridlock of unintegrated 'Knowledge' Part 1
* The Great and Powerful Wizard Tim warns of the Fierce and Deadly bunny rabbit
* Mis-integrated Rule
* Woven chords of the subconscious

A few posts referencing that modern sewage source of the Nile: Rousseau
* The Trees That Bare The Barren Fruit - pt 4 (2006)
* What is Justice: Two mis-States of Nature (2009)
* You Could Become Educated... but wait...There’s Less! Our Rotten Common Core Part 3b (2011)
* Do you like your iPad? What is it that keeps it in your hands? Hint: it ain't Che or Fidel or Karl.(2011)
* Andrew Breitbart, Rousseau, and Righteous Indignation (2011)

Spiritual Economics
* Spiritual Economics 1
* Spiritual Economics 2
* Spiritual Economics 3

God - Looking outside of the box misses the contents
* As it is above...
* Charged thoughts from the depths

Generally relevant
* Pain-and-Suffering
* Disneyland for the Devil
* Replying to Nagarjuna, Chomsky
* Determimystics and Free Will
* Falsehood of absolute Truth
* One in the Many many pieces
* Relevance
* Prayers and Politicians