Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nothing but FCC approved Nuts on the NET?!!!

As they say, the leftist hand you see is only the one they are distracting you with. What the UN, global warming, even Cap & Trade, etc, does is insignificant compared to this, from the American Spectator

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski will announce today his intent to put in place rules that would allow the federal government to regulate the Internet. In a coordinated move to highlight the decision, and to take credit with the left-wing supporters of the policy, known as "net neutrality," FCC sources say, President Obama will make remarks after Genachowski's remarks, endorsing the FCC chairman's decision.

"We couldn't give them a Guantanamo shut down, or ending the Patriot Act, so this is the immediate payoff to MoveOn and Free Press and the those guys who worked so hard for us during the campaign," says a White House source. "Getting 'net neutrality' codified and under out control was at the top of their list of things for us to do."

Net 'Nutrality' Must be stopped! Where does anyone think the Tea Party movement would be, let alone Gateway Pundit or any of the other Blogs with freedom badges,with Govt deciding what sites warranted bandwidth, and which sites didn't?!

IMHO the "Fairness Doctrine" or any mutation of it, pales in comparison to this. AM radio is mostly one way info, it doesn't enable people to communicate and organize - only the Internet could make possible the Tea Party movements and their effects DC is so furious at.

THIS is war, and they know it!

As the Spectator article goes on to say,

""For them to say that this isn't government regulation, that this is just about fairness and giving everyone the same thing, is just not true," says a Republican Energy and Commerce staffer, who has been working on the issue of "net neutrality" for several years. "Someone has to be monitoring all those networks, all that activity to make sure the networks remain 'neutral.' Who is that going to be? Free Press? George Soros?"

In fact, a representative of the left-wing organization known as Free Press will be present at the Genachowski speech. Free Press, which continues to stand by former White House Obama adviser Van Jones, who served its board, shares its roots with the MoveOn organization, and has received funds from George Soros and funds from senior Google executives, actually wrote large portions of the Markey-Eshoo net neutrality bill, which was introduced in Congress just before the summer recess in August.

Seriously, we lose this and... if we don't lose it all soon after, it'll be pure luck.

I was shocked that neither our local Tea Party coalition, nor Gateway Pundit has anything up on this... IT IS HUGE!!!

Call your congressmen & senators, call the radio shows, raise a ruckus!


lucy lane said...

As I've been reading various comments, I agree with some of them where they state they have some mixed feelings about this idea being both good and maybe not so good. As long as it does not interrupt too much of the ISPs. Of course, we may not know that until the basic "trial and error" take place.

julie said...

Hey Van, looks like this is finally getting some notice. Too little, too late?

Ex-Dissident said...

Government control of the Internet is accepted in China. It is no surprise that some of our "progressive thinkers" have become jelaous of such achievement. Van, I cannot help the feeling that we just keep inching towards a very violent time. How do we mount a fight over this issue? The proposal seems so subtle, that it becomes easy to overlook the potential devastating consequences to the freedom of speech and the right to assembly.

Van Harvey said...

Ex-Dissident said "I cannot help the feeling that we just keep inching towards a very violent time."

It has all the earmarks.

Their attack is completely Orwellian, and thanks to over a century of public education, people think it sounds plausible.

We have only one weapon on our sides - but it's a biggee - they are lying, and we know what the truth is. Unfortunately they know this as well, which is why they are going after the 'Net and AM radio. We need to tell our non-political friends and neighbors that their apathy is a mortal threat to us all.

The Tea Parties are evidence that many, many people are starting to become aware of that on their own.

We have no magic wands, this will not be an easy fight, or a short one, but it is winnable... after all, we have reality on our side. Out best defense is a good offence - good in the sense of an unapologetic stand for The Good, The Beautiful and The True, and an unsparing, intolerant, calling out and rebutting of the bad, the ugly and the lie - IOW - leftism.

Identify them, in any and every setting. Call them on their intellectual bankruptcy, and whenever possible - laugh at them - and help others to as well.

It burns.

Van Harvey said...

lucy lane said "As long as it does not interrupt too much of the ISPs"

'First they came for the Jews...'

"Of course, we may not know that until the basic "trial and error" take place."

To paraphrase Patrick Henry, 'If you walk into a jail cell at a jailer's invitation - don't be surprised if you hear a steel door slam closed behind you.'

Van Harvey said...

Thanks for the link Julie. It's a start... and until I hear that jail door slam shut, it ain't too late.