Behind Critical Race Theory

Behind Critical Race Theory
Two books which do an excellent job of communicating the scope and meaning of what we're facing, without getting bogged down in the details:

Voddie Baucham Jr. - Fault Lines 

Matthew Lohmeier - Irresistible Revolution: Marxism's Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military 
This book deliberately gets bogged down in the details, but is an excellent source of the academic sources involved:
Critical Race Theory Briefing Book

A how-to guide for activists combating anti-American CRT

No Left Turn in Education: Lindbergh Schools Indoctrination and Radical-ism Dossier

Combatting Social Justice Rhetoric: A Cheat Sheet for Policy-Makers

SEL: Using Schools To Retrain Kids’ Emotions—What Could Possibly Go Wrong Here?

SEL: Schools Ditch Academics For Emotional Manipulation

CASEL Updated SEL: How ‘Socio-Emotional Learning’ Became Another Vehicle For Anti-White Racism In Schools
New Discourses:
What Is Critical Race Theory?

James Lindsay's "Five Ugly Truths About Critical Race Theory"

An excellent A-Z summary of key terms & concepts involved: Translations from the Wokish

New Discourses CRT/SJW articles

Critical Race Theory - Christopher F. Rufo

Defining Social Justice  Dr. Voddie Baucham

Welcome to the World of Woke Education - Jane Robbins, Attorney, Writer, Researcher

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