Monday, September 29, 2008

Dodging the socialist bullet... for the moment

I left for lunch today, not to eat, but resigned to listen to the House vote to cripple freedom in America. I was pleasantly shocked to hear the bill go down in defeat, and not even along party lines.

Special nod's of appreciation go to Rep. Mike Pence (R) of Indiana,

"Pence had come out early against the administration's initial proposal, and attempts to include items requested by House Republicans were not enough to win him over.
"Republicans improved this bill, but it remains the largest corporate bailout in American history, forever changes the relationship between government and the financial sector, and passes the cost along to the American people," Pence wrote. "I cannot support it."
He said that before they vote, lawmakers should ask themselves "why you came here and vote with courage and integrity to those principals."
"If you came here because you believe in limited government and the freedom of the American marketplace, vote in accordance with those convictions," Pence wrote."

And a special nod of appreciation to Nancy Pelosi, whose incompetence and stupidity surely helped the defeat to come about, by calling House Republicans unpatriotic and all of the blame for the 'crises' at the feet of Republicans in general, and the 'failed policies' of the last eight years.

Of course she fails to acknowledge that she is the Speaker of the House because the Democrats have a majority of the seats in the house, which means SHE should have been able to carry the bill along strict party lines, were she somewhat capable.

Gotta love it... I sure do.

This particular problem stretches back multiple decades, and cannot be laid at the feet of either party, but this latest trigger can credibly be seen as pulled by these folks:

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Birthday or a Funeral, for the United States Constitution?

Two hundred and fourteen years ago, President [ahem... congressmen] James Madison, known as the Father of our Constitution, vetoed [voted no] an appropriations bill from Congress that wanted to give aid to French refugees fleeing an insurrection in Haiti to Baltimore and Philadelphia.

President Madison took a look at the bill, and took a course action which became the norm, which future presidents such as Peirce, Cleveland, Buchanan would echo, he announced that,

"I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents."

How much did that congress wish to expend (read as Madison read it: Steal) from the pockets of the citizens of the United States of America?


Why? Because the constitution was based upon the principles of an Individuals Right to life and property as the source and safeguard of their Liberty, and the Gov't was designed as limited Gov't in order to protect those very rights. Limited in a way, that if the Gov't (and we're talking at the Federal level here) was not acting to defend a violation of fundamental rights, it was not supposed to act.

And at that time, the Progressives philosophical agenda was only just picking up speed.
But they weren't disuaded . They tried it over and over and over again over the years as the Progressives pragmatic (which you should never interpret as meaning 'good sense', what it means is taking action, any action perceived as 'doing something' based on appearances of the moment, rather than on timeless principles) ideas spread.

The anti-bodies of Freedom and Liberty, the principles which sustain Individual Rights and their political face, Property Rights, safeguards of our Freedom, were slowly lost through the degraded proregressive ideas circulating about Education. Those safeguards, limits and understanding began to weaken significantly during the Civil War with the Morill Act - which was the foot in the door of society, for Gov't to begin meddling with education and later taking over the education of the people as it saw fit.

The college presidents of the time warned that such measures would destroy education in America. Congress shrugged. People paid little or no attention. They wanted cheaper education, and vocational education at that, "something we can use!". Who cared if it meant taking money from people without having any right to do so... it wasn't that much, after all.

Fast forward through McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, Harding, (skipping only Coolidge) Hoover, FDR, and every president of either party ever since, none of whom has bothered to stand up for the Rights of the American People; and bearing even more of the guilt, are the American People themselves, who haven't bothered to see any problem with violating and spitting upon the Rights of their fellow citizens, in order to do what made them feel better at the expense of others "Oh... it's not That much. And besides, They can afford it".

Or in the words of Joe Biden - "It's the patriotic thing to do!". May he rot for that.

Fast forward to the Two hundred and twenty first birthday of the Constitution.

Voice of America - Cost Of Financial Bailout In Hundreds Of Billions
NPR - 2 hours agoAP Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has sketched out the sweeping outlines of what could be the biggest bailout in United States history.

May God rest James Madison's soul.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin: Teddy Roosevelt in a skirt... is that a good thing?***Updated

(First Update , UPDATE #2 below)
Interesting situation brewing this week with the nomination of Sarah Palin. We really know nothing about her, certainly I don't, beyond the merest blurbs of her life story, but what a reaction they've produced! What's going to be really interesting, is seeing how well the facts of her life jibe with the initial sense of life we've so far gleaned from her coming out speech last Friday.

And what a sense of life she seems to have - from the reports so far, it's a life we are proud to say is an Americans!

So far, what we have is that she was a basketball star who played with a stress fracture and was nicknamed Sarah Barracuda, a beauty queen (there's an interesting juxtaposition!), married her high school sweetheart, played a big part in their commercial fishing business, has been a lifelong hunter and has several children. So right there we've got someone that gives off the impression of competence, confidence and a seeming tendency to do what she wants, tempered by doing what is Right. I mean, an active sports enthusiast while still comfortable with her own beauty and feeling no tendency towards hiding it under a bushel, nor feeling that it diminishes her effectiveness. Marries her high school sweetheart and works with him in their business - fishing no less (not an idle task in Alaska).

She also became a self described 'Hockey Mom', did some coaching, ran for PTA, ran for Town Council, ran for Mayor - and won on each count - because she didn't think things were being done in a way that served the townspeople’s interests, or respected their tax dollars. Here we've got the image of someone who doesn't coddle their kids - Mom's that can watch and support their kids playing Hockey, knows when to back off on the mothering, and yet having multiple kids, she isn't neglecting the Mothering side of her either. And we also someone who sees something that needs to be done, and rather than complaining about it, does something about it. She's also apparently someone who once they've made the decision to get involved, puts out not only a lot of effort to see that things are corrected and done properly, but is effective in doing so, and in shutting down and overcoming the negligent, even perhaps corrupt, opposition.

Next she's up to the Oil Regulation board, more facing down business as usual negligence and corruption, putting things, and people, right - very much against the odds. Then on to the Governor’s office, to get to the heart of fixing what she originally saw as being broken, way back when, not avoiding it, but taking it on head on. Even against her Party, and the sitting Governor - and again, wins.

Not only wins, but by all the surface accounts available at this point, doing so and doing what she actually set out to do, kick da bums out, and fix the problem. Putting the executive Jet up for sale on eBay because she saw it as unnecessary and wasteful, says a lot!

And of course, there's the pro-life position backed up not just by words, but deeds, with the birth of her fifth child with Downs syndrome. Saying nothing about the Gov't business in that business, that says a lot about her personal integrity. Having faced the issue ourselves briefly (turned out the doc was a quack, going off experimental tests, putting us through several days of absolute hell... don't get me started... Rachel was born perfectly healthy, and we got da bum tossed out on his ear...), it is a gut wrencher to even consider, let alone live with through full term and birth. Hats off to her on that.

And as for the attacks on her through the pregnancy of her 17 year old girl – disgusting and despicable, may the leftists rot long in their living hell.

No matter the final verdict, this is no lightweight, but a solid soul, full of conviction, good cheer, and considerable energy and skill. I heard someone describe her as "Teddy Roosevelt in a skirt!", and that certainly seems to capture the sense of life that comes off the story line and from her initial speech.

However, and keep in mind I really know nothing about her yet, beyond what I've just typed here, Teddy Roosevelt, while exhibiting admirable personal characteristics, either began, enacted, or floated a trial balloon for ever harmful action our Gov't has taken from the beginning of the twentieth century through to today. Trust Busting, intervention in the economy, tossing aside the constitution, damning property rights, creating all powerful Gov't agencies, unwarranted int'l interventionism... you name it, and TR had a hand in it somewhere along the line.

"Teddy Roosevelt in a skirt!"

Careful ladies and gents, disaster often comes upon us while we're busy looking for it from another direction. I deeply hope to be proved completely wrong in my caution, and am looking forward to it... but better to have it and be proved wrong, than not and be proved dead.

I think I'll update this post as the info comes in, such as after her acceptance speech at the GOP convention.

**************UPDATE-1 ********************

Alrighty then... as TR might say,


What Sarah Palin proved last night, is that she doesn't need to be compared to Teddy Roosevelt, or anybody else - she is herself, and she is Very good at being herself.

From the moment she walked on the stage... she was ... I don't even want to say in control, because that demeans it a bit... she was cool, calm and collected. She had something to do, and she did it with consummate skill, with no hesitation, no fear, no artificiality - just purpose.

Just an outstanding speech, flawlessly delivered. Not only did she establish herself as force to be reckoned with, she showed McCain's first executive decision to be absolutely on target.

The facts of her positions, etc, I've still got to find for myself, but so far, so very, very good!

********Sarah Palin Background Check UPDATE-2*********
Ok, for those interested in the idiotic accusations of the kos kids, this link "Rebutting the Democrats' Fearful and Intolerant Attacks on Sarah Palin By Patrick J. Casey"does away with them handily. Personally, what the Huffy Kos kids think to be important, I couldn't give a fig for.

If you want some actual info on Sara Palin, I suggest doing a Google news search, and limiting the parameters to 2006 or 2007, then you filter out the irrelevant Pres campaign invective, and get to what was news when it was news worthy.

To get a good flavor, search for "Sara Palin co2", or with 'taxes', 'environment', 'oil', 'corruption', etc.

As a Classical Liberal, meaning I believe in Constitutional Gov't, and that it's only purpose is to defend Individual Rights, provide a Judiciary and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic, I have many problems with Sarah Palin's record. It must also however, be tempered against the idea that Alaska's constitution is geared towards that "which mandates that we develop our resources for the maximum benefit of Alaska.", which even one of her long time critics, Ann Kilkenny, admits she follows even over her personal preferences (although I wouldn't call her celebrated email 'fair and balanced' (BTW, here's a good point-by-point answering of it and more), neither does it demonize Palin. Kilkenny obviously disagrees with her on most everything, and she seeks to assume negligence or a secretive if not ill intent on Palin's part, there is still enough expanded info available on those matters to provide the balance needed - if you think for yourself. I think it is important to know what reasonably rational opponents think of someone you favor, if for no other reason, than for you to investigate and judge for yourself).

That being said, however, her record has many actions I oppose. She has sought and imposed windfall taxes upon Oil Co's in Alaska, sought Gov't/Business partnership for many projects, chief among the AGIA. Though I am not in agreement with much she has done, I have to admit it has the mark of a person doing the common sense thing, as best can be expected given the circumstances. For instance in the algore world, she sensibly has directed Alaska to investigate how it will be affected by, and prepare for climate changes (I don't doubt that our climate is changing - it always has, and always will - only the fraud of 'man made' global warming), while refusing to be sucked into Politically Correct power grabs such as 'protect the polar bears', etc. However, she also believes that Education in schools should be expanded to include still more vocational tech programs, something I am solidly against.

At root, Sarah Palin is someone who believes that Gov't is capable of, and should do, as much as it can to promote the public good. In short, a form of Progressivism tempered by the experiences of the later 20th century, but Progressivism all the same... though much more along the lines of Reagan's positive views of FDR, rather than a Clinton, Pelosi or Obama view.

Find me someone in Gov't today, let alone among the general public, who thinks such Gov't actions are not a good idea. Sigh.

As it comes down to it though, this isn't a matter for selecting who I'd prefer to have in the job, but who best from among those available to choose from, would best lead and govern America, here and now. This requires someone of strong character, grounding, confidence, and a citizens and family persons perspective on worthwhile values.

That she has in spades. McCain isn't far behind her.

I would classify Sarah Palin as an American populist, someone who believes in no nonsense behavior, ethics, effectiveness and accountability, and who is extremely capable in getting accomplished whatever it is she seeks to accomplish. However, and I in no way mean this as a 'she's a lightweight' accusation, she certainly is not (you can't read one of the interviews with her, and still make that accusation) she does not have a grasp of the underlying philosophical positions of America's founding principles - sadly very few do. She fits well into the mold of a Teddy Roosevelt Republican, though one aware of the shortfalls of Gov't programs and their effectiveness.

I imagine that if TR could have seen what came of his progressive policies, he would have done many things differently. However, I said different, not abandoned. Palin, as with the actual head of the ticket, McCain, will seek classic progressive policies, tempered by an awareness of the harm Gov't can do while seeking to do good. And I'm afraid that that is the best that can be hoped for at this point in time.

Palin's biggest selling point, and the reason that I will still support her and McCain (having no other viable options, and the prospect of an obamama Presidency too horrifying a prospect to allow by default), is that she is forthright, not a dissembler, someone who very much does believe in Right and Wrong and the importance of facing upto and defeating that which is Wrong.
That is a trait, aka Character, not only trumps any silly fears about 'lacking experience', but is the best bet for seeing a leader acquiring wisdom in office, developing through, and from, her continuing experience.

Those who care for and seek a defense of the Constitution and our Founders Classical Liberal Principles, will find in a McCain/Palin administration, equal parts support and unwitting attacks upon them. Think of them as attempting to slow down, if not stop our slide down the hill, and even attempting to gain legitimate ground, whereas the Dem's will have us charge downhill at even faster breakneck speed. Viewed against an Obama/Biden administration, which will seek to actively avoid and undermine America's founding principles, the Republican ticket will be far and away superior to the Dem's, and very much worth heartily supporting.

In all of the best connotations of the image, Teddy Roosevelt in a skirt!

==== Sarah Palin Snippets and News links (Those links from AccessLibrary, require an email, and nothing else to register and proceed - worth it)==============

Opposition to Alaskan Fish Farming
Legislating the offshore industry flies in the face of Alaska's federal and state lawmakers. Senator Murkowski and Governor Palin have asked for a five year ban on offshore fish farming to allow time for more environmental and economic studies. Palin also wants a ban on farming certain species like halibut and sablefish, along with subsidies for the fishing industry to compensate for competition from U.S. backed fish farms.

Lifting ban on drilling
President Bush's decision to lift a ban on oil and gas drilling in Bristol Bay is being roundly applauded by Gov. Sarah Palin and severely criticized by fishermen and others over environmental issues.

Palin responded quickly and approvingly to the announcement that clears the way for the Interior Department to open 5.6 million acres of Bristol Bay for it's next five-year oil and gas leasing plan.

“It is gratifying that the federal government is again looking north to Alaska to provide the energy our nation needs,” Palin said. “Development in the Bristol Bay region could provide the jobs, economic diversification and energy the people of this region need. If we can be sure it will not threaten the fisheries that are the foundation of the region's economy and way of life, I'm all for it.”

Climate Change
September 14, 2007, Juneau, Alaska – Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today signed Administrative Order 238 establishing a sub-cabinet to prepare a climate change strategy.

“Many scientists note that Alaska’s climate is changing,” Governor Palin said. “We are already seeing the effects. Coastal erosion, thawing permafrost, retreating sea ice and record forest fires affect our communities and our infrastructure. Some scientists tell us to expect more changes in the future. We must begin to prepare for those changes now.”

Ethics reform
Posted 8/4/2007
The effect the scandal could have is not lost on Republican Gov. Sarah Palin, who last year ran her campaign on ethics reform and recently signed a 43-page ethics reform bill into law, a document originally introduced as an eight-page offering in January.

In 2004, as chairwoman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, she exposed Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich for ethical violations when he was a fellow commissioner.

Now, Palin is trying to convince federal officials that Alaska can foster the right development for a multibillion dollar pipeline she hopes will ship trillions of cubic feet of natural gas from the North Slope to market.

"We should be a leader in energy policy," she said "The only way we can lead is if the rest of the nation is confident our leaders are willing to serve for the right reasons."

"It's a wake up call for Alaska to demand better from its elected and appointed officials," she said. "It's a wake up call that we cannot continue to go down the path that we're on."

Penalizing Oil Co's
Producers urge Alaska not to take too big a bite out of profits.
Source: The Oil Daily
Publication Date: 12-NOV-07

Significant reserves of petroleum remain locked beneath the North Slope permafrost, but future oil production in Alaska will be more difficult and costlier to develop than in the past, energy company executives told state lawmakers last week.

As the legislature considers changes to the state's petroleum profits tax (PPT), major producers and smaller independent players cautioned against taking too big a bite out of industry profits.

"Don't be misled that continuing to change the tax rate won't have an effect on investment: It will," said Kevin Mitchell, vice president at ConocoPhillips. "This is not a welcome sign for doing business in the state."

Gov. Sarah Palin is pushing legislation that would levy a 25% tax on a company's net profits in Alaska, as well as raise the surtax that increases the state's take as prices climb. Palin's proposal would also strengthen reporting and auditing standards, and prohibit producers from claiming certain expenses as deductions (OD Nov.8,p6).

Debate over gas line bill heats up.
Byline: Tim Bradner

Apr. 15--Gov. Sarah Palin is taking the gloves off in a public campaign to push her gas pipeline legislation through the Legislature.

Critics, including Palin's former opponent in the 2006 governor's race, Anchorage businessman Andrew Halcro, are starting to push back. The debate is getting lively.

The governor is using weekly television and radio commentaries, and op-ed articles in newspapers, to answer criticisms made of her Alaska Gasline Inducement Act in legislative hearings.

Key members of Palin's gas team, including state Resources Commissioner Tom Irwin, Revenue Commissioner Patrick Galvin and Deputy Resources Commissioner Marty Rutherford, have also been dispatched to speak before community groups and meet with business leaders to spread the word.

"We need to remain vigilant that amendments to AGIA do not destroy its fundamental framework, through amendments that favor individual participants," the governor said in her March 30 broadcast.

She followed this up a week later, in her April 6 weekly segment, saying, "We cannot allow critics who pine for the old proposed Stranded Gas Act contract to sidetrack our forward momentum. Simply passing AGIA is not enough. We must not strip away its core concepts."

Lessons from our mistakes can guide us in new year (Anchorage Daily News, reviewing Palins 1st year in office)

Published: December 23rd, 2007 01:32 AM
Last Modified: December 23rd, 2007 05:23 AM

Looking forward, we're awash with surplus oil revenues once again, thanks partly to the new tax on oil producers approved by the Legislature and signed Wednesday by Gov. Sarah Palin. The governor says we'll enjoy $4.5 billion in extra income, mostly from oil, over the next two years.

For the Republican party and its candidate, a hard choice ahead (No link, it requires a fee, so couldn't see more than this, but worth looking at)
August 27, 2006
Publication: Anchorage Daily News (AK)

In July, as the first newspaper editorials appeared questioning Sarah Palin on the very issue that she made a cornerstone of her campaign for Alaska governor -- ethics and honesty -- the Republican candidate said that powers inside her own party wanted her "crucified." Republicans in Alaska needed new leadership, she said. A month later, Palin is still calling for Republican Party honchos to step down, chairman Randy Ruedrich in particular, but one thing has changed.

Palin's Way
Written by Melissa DeVaughn
February 2008

MSNBC on Palin & Polar Bears
updated 9:53 a.m. CT, Wed., May. 2, 2007
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A proposal to list polar bears as threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act has Alaska politicians seeing green, as in the color of money that could be lost if a bear recovery plan hinders the state's resource development.

Gov. Sarah Palin and a majority of legislators strongly oppose the listing, and say the acknowledged intent behind it — curbing greenhouse gas emissions nationally — should be debated in another forum, not a law aimed at protecting animals.

The companies, who in the past have proposed building their own pipeline, long have said they can't be expected to mount such an expensive and risky megaproject without knowing how the state plans to tax the gas as it comes out of the ground.

Unlike her unpopular predecessor, former Gov. Frank Murkowski, Palin has shown little willingness to talk taxes with the hugely profitable oil giants. On Jan. 9 she sent a blunt letter to Conoco's chief executive, James Mulva, saying the state making tax concessions for the gas producers "is no more acceptable now than it was before AGIA."

Who's Sarah Palin? She's Hot where He's Not( From March of 2008, San Francisco commentary on Palin)
Palin became a public hero taking on special interests, who practically own the Alaska political establishment. Forced to resign from the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission after complaining to Republican Gov. Frank Murkowski about corruption,she was banished to the political wilderness before coming back to defeat Murkowski in the GOP primary.

Palin forced the Alaska legislature into special session to increase oil taxes -- yes, that's oil taxes -- in Alaska, a Republican welfare state. And she vetoes public works projects.

Increased Oil industry taxes
Over the opposition of oil companies, Republican Gov. Sarah Palin and Alaska's Legislature last year approved a major increase in taxes on the oil industry — a step that has generated stunning new wealth for the state as oil prices soared.

At a time when Americans are feeling the pinch at the gasoline pump and oil companies are racking up record profits, Alaska's choice foreshadows one of the sharpest debates in the upcoming presidential election.

Democrat Barack Obama supports a national windfall-profits tax, while Republican John McCain opposes it.

The industry, however, warns new taxes are already discouraging future exploration and development in newer, more expensive projects needed to boost waning production in Alaska's oil patches.

"Clearly, from the investor standpoint, Alaska has become a less attractive place to invest exploration and production dollars," said Marilyn Crockett, executive director of the Alaska Oil and Gas Association.

NYT veiled hit piece
“The churches that Sarah has attended all believe in a literal translation of the Bible,” Ms. Kincaid said. “Her principal ethical and moral beliefs stem from this.”

Prayer, and belief in its power, is another constant theme, Ms. Kincaid said, in what she has witnessed in Ms. Palin. “Her beliefs are firm in the power of prayer — let’s put it that way,” she said.

Alaska lawmakers weigh merits of Palin's gas pipeline plan.
Palin's plan offers a 10-year freeze on the state's gas production tax for leaseholders willing to commit their gas in the first open season, but the producers say that's not long enough to satisfy shareholder concerns over the project's price tag.

The producers, who have long argued that they alone are best suited to build and operate the pipeline, also dismissed other incentives offered in the pending legislation. They say they should be allowed to set their own inducements and financial terms in direct negotiations with the administration, instead of being bound by those set forth in the governor's plan.

The producers are standing firm in their belief that they had a deal in principle last year with former-Gov. Frank Murkowski and that the current administration should use it as a starting point. Palin's people disagree, saying the previous proposal was a dead end that would have allowed the companies to retain their grip on the North Slope without building the pipeline.

Good pre-2007 Bio
Sarah and Todd eloped in 1988, slipping away to the Palmer Courthouse where, learning they needed witnesses, they enlisted two from the pioneers' home across the street, one in a wheelchair and one with a walker. They eloped because they were poor at the time and didn't want their parents to foot the bill for a wedding, she says today. "I tell my kids, 'Don't do what I did,' " she said. She is the mother of four. Her oldest, son Track, is attending high school and playing hockey in Michigan this year. Daughters Bristol, Willow and Piper attend Wasilla public schools. Sarah Palin worked short stints as a television sportscaster for Anchorage stations, "between babies." Todd Palin, who has been a quiet background presence in her campaign, broadens the family resume considerably: fisherman, oil field worker and Alaska Native.

Gov. Sarah Palin speaks out.(Interview)(Cover story)
Publication: Alaska Business Monthly

Publication Date: 01-MAR-07
ABM: Resource development was a major topic in your inaugural speech. How do you balance development with the concerns of environmentalists and subsistence users? How do you ensure that this development benefits Alaskans and not out-of-state companies?

Palin: We follow the Constitution, which mandates that we develop our resources for the maximum benefit of Alaska. We can be good partners with out-of-state companies, yet still make sure that what we do is best for Alaska. I believe that we can balance the needs of the environment and the subsistence way of life while fulfilling this mandate. I am a commercial fisherman, and my husband and kids are Alaska Natives. The subsistence lifestyle is near and dear to my heart. Alaska's environment has provided me with many opportunities, and I want to perpetuate those opportunities for others. I personally believe that we can develop a balance between development and the concerns of the environment and subsistence users. I also believe that while doing this, we can fulfill the promise that we made to the federal government when we became a state that we would become self-sufficient; that we would develop our resources to provide for our people.

ABM: In your inaugural speech, you talked about the importance of educating Alaska's youth. How do you think the state should deal with the 40 percent dropout rate?

Palin: I think we have to get kids excited about school, which means refocusing some of our priorities. Right now, we cater, if you will, to about 30 percent of the kids who graduate, go on to get a liberal arts degree in college, and then come back here to work. I think we also have to cater to the other 70 percent by providing them with educational opportunities that will get them ready for the work force. I'd like to see public schools teach skills and provide job-training opportunities in a broader sense-to see a Vo-Tech curriculum in high schools. In the late 1970s and '80s, a lot of schools, including those in rural areas, offered a Vo-Tech curriculum because they wanted to make sure that Alaskans benefited from the pipeline construction. My husband, Todd, who works on the North Slope, learned skills in high school that he utilizes in his job today. It's a good example of what public schools can provide in order to lead kids into a great career.

As the 'First Dude,' one of Todd's big focuses is on work force development. Especially in rural Alaska, we need to make sure that our young people have opportunities. The fact that we import such a large percentage of our work force is a tragedy. There are great blue-collar jobs here that pay a lot of money, and we're flying people in from Outside to take them, when we have 80 percent unemployment rates in the villages. We need to provide our own people with the opportunities to gain skills, and to learn a strong work ethic.

Altered States.(on women governors Kathleen Sebelius and Sarah Palin)
Publication: Vogue
Publication Date: 01-FEB-08
Author: Powers, John ; Johnson, Rebecca

Editorial Adult Supervision

About Sarah Palin: A Letter From Anne Kilkenny
By admin on Sep 3, 2008
What follows is an open letter written by a resident of Wasilla, Alaska named Anne Kilkenny.