Monday, September 29, 2008

Dodging the socialist bullet... for the moment

I left for lunch today, not to eat, but resigned to listen to the House vote to cripple freedom in America. I was pleasantly shocked to hear the bill go down in defeat, and not even along party lines.

Special nod's of appreciation go to Rep. Mike Pence (R) of Indiana,

"Pence had come out early against the administration's initial proposal, and attempts to include items requested by House Republicans were not enough to win him over.
"Republicans improved this bill, but it remains the largest corporate bailout in American history, forever changes the relationship between government and the financial sector, and passes the cost along to the American people," Pence wrote. "I cannot support it."
He said that before they vote, lawmakers should ask themselves "why you came here and vote with courage and integrity to those principals."
"If you came here because you believe in limited government and the freedom of the American marketplace, vote in accordance with those convictions," Pence wrote."

And a special nod of appreciation to Nancy Pelosi, whose incompetence and stupidity surely helped the defeat to come about, by calling House Republicans unpatriotic and all of the blame for the 'crises' at the feet of Republicans in general, and the 'failed policies' of the last eight years.

Of course she fails to acknowledge that she is the Speaker of the House because the Democrats have a majority of the seats in the house, which means SHE should have been able to carry the bill along strict party lines, were she somewhat capable.

Gotta love it... I sure do.

This particular problem stretches back multiple decades, and cannot be laid at the feet of either party, but this latest trigger can credibly be seen as pulled by these folks:


Unknown said...

Van, I've missed you buddy. Come check out my blog I am in a good tax debate with someone and I need your thoughts. Pro or Con

robinstarfish said...

Hi Van!

I got the same pleasant surprise this afternoon, with a similar thought that Nancy Pelooselips singlehandedly brought this thing to a screeching halt.

And then the market tanks 700 points. All I can say is "so what?" That's what it's supposed to do.

Eye-opening video too.

Van Harvey said...

Thanks guys.

Lance, I'll try to stop by later, thanks for the invite.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

I concur, Van!
Mike Pence is one of the very best Congressmen we have. I hope he runs for President someday!

Kudos also go to Neil Cavuto, of Fox news, for standing his ground, like Pence!
Cavuto is the business guy there.

It's refreshing to see a news anchor that knows what he's talking about, and doesn't fall for all the chicken little talk or half-truths of the "experts."

Cavuto said that the loss of 777 of the Dow, two days ago, wasn't even among the top ten worst days in our economic history.

He said he felt like the last survivng man in Night of the Living Dead, surrounded by zombies. That's an accurate depiction, LOL!

Lessee, the Dow gained 492 points yesterday, and the economies in Asia and Europe didn't crash.

Then there's the "no one can get credit" scare. If that's true, why do they hafta lie about it?

Credit Scare Lies

As Cavuto said, you can't fix socialist principles with even worse socialist principles.

Good post, Van!

Van Harvey said...

A big Yep on Cavuto... I've liked him since my Dad insisted on watching his shows on his TV in his house, instead of what I wanted to watch, and I had to suffer through shows like Wall Street Week and... I think it was Nightly Review (?) on PBS... must have been late 70's, and Cavuto looked like some punk kid reporter, but I remember my Dad often making surprised "Ah... good point" comments.

Wish he could cure O'Reilly of his lame biz brain, but at least he calls him on his foolishness every time.