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Woven chords of the subconscious (Revised - one shouldn't Post at 2:00 am!)

July 30
Gagdad Bob over at
One Cosmos , in a vividly far ranging post Saturday, July 29, 2006 "Couples counseling with Sigmund, Carl and Alfred", quotes a Master asking his disciple what he thought of another Master's writing, “Some of the things he says seem true,” the disciple ventured. The disciple continues: "Krishna Prem’s reply was devastating. ‘One can’t write anything on this subject without saying something that isn’t true. What you must see is whether the truth shines through the words or whether they are platitudes, words repeated by rote. Look behind the words. Feel!'”

To which after the word "Feel" I might add " for the Integrations!"

I suggested in an earlier comment that the unconscious might be represented as conduits which connect and integrate data, but don't themselves contain data. When you're grasping at a thought that you can't quite verbalize but can almost palpably feel in your grasp, you do in fact have your mental "hand" upon one or more of these connective conduits which are ready to carry you to their data; if you'll just stop trying to pull their ends to you and allow yourself be carried along to their destinations, they will take you to what you're seeking.

Those who paint conceptual integrations with their words, the true poets, are those that help us to "see" truths which are connected and integrated in ways we can't always fully grasp at once, but their poetry leads us down paths that manage to enable us to connect one once distant side of our soul, to another.

When you find a Poem that "speaks" to you, what is happening is that the Poet is deftly raising a series of images together with particular concepts, which plucks your mental integrations as if they were plucking a harmonic chord of integrated subconscious strings, and suddenly you're being flooded with multiple images, thoughts and feelings coursing through your mind as those conduits draw their connected data into your conscious gaze.

Like so much else, I'm starting to see Poems as multi-leveled structures, they may follow certain physical blueprints such as line structure and meter (as varied as Sonnets and Haiku), but that is really merely the dressing, the ritual structure of a poem - the poetic equivalent to Religious Ritual such as Robes & Mass for Catholics or Sermons and Choir for Protestants - which perform an important role in providing a setting for Religious feeling to be drawn into and formed within... But the holy ghost of the Poem is sounded by a combination of its lyracality, and then by the "mood" evoked through the interplay of associations flowing from the word usage, by its's conceptual meaning, and by the integrating of Ritual, lyracality, mood evoked, all together they pluck a harmony of conceptual chords that set your soul to thrumming.

Gagdad Bob might say that the narrative of the Poem is its Horizontal platform, and the integrations the Vertical relief of it. Poets convey truth not so much through the narrative, but by that soul stitching of the conduits of the unconscious being woven into new multi-dimensional patterns (perhaps Holographically would be more apt) that causes us to sense new connections and truths which the simple narrative story can't convey. Purely realistic, factual story telling may even be a hindrance to our grasping the vertical meaning of the poem.

Poetry may hold such a strong and enduring position within humanity, because nothing else so conceptually weaves sight, sound, feeling, imagery, concept, and musicality - as a Poem does. The truly successful Poet may be someone who weaves these conduits of the unconscious into patterns that stitch our souls together with new designs embellished upon them. Of those who read the poem, some may get to see the Mona Lisa, some may only be able to feel at it as if it were Braille, but all receive new impressions of sweetness and light, without which we would be much the poorer.

What may make a poem popular is it's effectiveness in selecting that combination of rhythm, mood and structure that conjures up a harmony of conceptual chords in a variety of different people even though the actual integrations made will play at least a little bit differently for all who hear it, as different integrationary threads are struck, plucked, in each.

Art, quality art that resonates with people, I think probably works in a similar way. In Paintings, the composition may be analogous to the Poems structure and meter, and the images, the emphasis, the colors, succeed in the same way by plucking these conceptual chords and sets a reactive mental, perhaps even spiritual, vibration humming within its viewers.

I imagine that there are cases, maybe even they are the norm, where several of these conduit strings are intertwined - I can imagine these strings interweaving to form esthetically pleasing weaves and integrations - patterns having almost a mentally visual structure such as with images woven into tapestry, or audibly, such as with harmonically resonating chords.

Depending on the nature of the Art and the Artist, these vibrations maybe Harmonic or Dissonant, positive or negative, and this is why Art can be so difficult for states to manage - a single piece of Art can instantly transmit volumes of thought (compressed into a few integrated subconscious chords) to it's viewers, and as time passes, the integrations plucked within its viewers find new thoughts suddenly bubbling up in their minds - for good or ill.

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"If you keep this up, I am going to have to add you to my very exclusive little blogroll! " - wo, be still my blogging heart! Thanks!July 30 2:57 PM


"... white light of truth is one, but that, as reality descends from level to level, it becomes refracted and "colored" through different senses and modalities" I think that there's a thread here, even a conduit, that I've been trying to grasp ... for... so long, now and then I'm able to let it slip just enough to pull me a bit further along - a bit of a Spiritual E-Ticket ride!July 30 2:54 PM

Gagdad Bob
Didn't quite come out right: the lower orders are like a multifaceted reflection of the omni-nameable holographic One.July 30 1:32 PM

Gagdad Bob
What you say about poetry reminds me of synesthesia, in which a sense impression from one mode is joined with one from another, like "divine light" or "hot jazz." From the esoteric standpoint, one would say that the the oure white light of truth is one, but that, as reality descends from level to level, it becomes refracted and "colored" through different senses and modalities. As we climb back up the upanishadic tree of life, we are reacquainted with the primordial unity, which is like a multifaceted reflection of the omni-nameable holographic One. If you keep this up, I am going to have to add you to my very exclusive little blogroll! July 30 1:30 PM(

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