Monday, August 07, 2006

The Warmongers of "Peace"

July 28

Such a nice thought, "I'm for Peace! Give Peace a chance!". Such a 'nice' thought or so it's intended to sound. "Peace". But Peace is a result of civil behavior, not a cause of it, and ignorance of this will bring only more war.

While it is true that Peace is one of the sweetest benefits to be received from the highest levels of civilization, what is not always made note of - in fact rarely noted, especially by those claiming to be "People of Peace" - is that Peace is a result which is reaped only after having reached the highest levels of civilization. A society committed to civil, rule of law based, behavior.

The idea that you can expect or deserve Peace, without first establishing a stable civilization based upon responsible behavior and the rule of law, is ludicrous!

Peace has to begin with civil behavior amongst individuals. It begins with the recognition that their value as human beings, their rights to respectful interaction, and the expectation of equivalent behavior in return, will be affirmed and upheld.

Civil behavior in society is but those sensibilities promoted to the level of civil law. Lawful society rests on the expectations of its citizens respecting and abiding with the rule of law, and the citizens expecting that there will be a reasonable and just administration of those laws.

Civil behavior among states is the result of such lawful and civil behavior being promoted to the level of nations. It relies on the expectation that each State involved in a conflict, will behave reasonably and fairly, in accord with agreements openly made amongst themselves.

With that in mind, the idea that there can or will be peace, or negotiations for peace, between civil states and Terrorists, or Terrorists Groups, or Terrorist sponsoring "States", is just ludicrous. Those who propose such a proposition should forfeit any claim to credibility & political standing.

It's a case of people grabbing ahold of a well known... well, not known, but widely recognized... word, and while discarding all the integrations which made up the concept that the word labels, swipe that word, uproot it, and paste it as nothing more than a label into a context completely at odds with all of that concepts root integrations, and without which, the concept is utterly meaningless.

Meaningless, but oh so evocative of soothing feelings.

When words are used regardless of their meanings, but only for their sound and ability to sway a crowd - you should suspect that you are no longer dealing with a civilized person - having discarded all the root integrations and substance of the words they use, they CAN NOT be civilized. When such a beast approaches, you should cringe in fear, because by their words they are doing all they can to destroy civilization.

Peace is a result of Civil behavior, not a cause of it.

Rest assured as well, should they get the reigns of power within their grasp, that Civilizations highest reward - Peace - will be the first thing that they will destroy.

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