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A comment on Islamists, Leftists, and Failure to Launch: It's a Peter Pandemic

July 19

This is inspired by a Post & comments over at Gagdad Bob's One Cosmos,
Tuesday, July 18, 2006 Islamists, Leftists, and Failure to Launch: It's a Peter Pandemic:

Keep in mind that their is no "capitalist system" out there that is acting, extending itself into corners of the world, peoples lives, or anything else. There is no Ministry of Capitalism that makes capitalist decisions or marketing plans, and any Gov's attempt to act as if it were such a thing, to guide or regulate it, is but Gov's attempt to exert power & skim some wealth from it's people.
Capitalism is more of a lack of system, than a positive set systems - it is what results when people are free to live, trade, speak & do as they see fit - secure in their rights to pursue Happiness (however well or poorly they understand that concept) where they will. It is people's philosophy (or lack of it) that guides what they will seek after, which others will provide for them for a fee, whether it be refined or vulgar.

What people seem to miss, is that freedom, to be stable & prosperous, REQUIRES that people behave in an Adult like manner. Gov, and the demagogues who feed it, understand at some level that peoples worst fear is having to be responsible for their own convictions and actions - more than anything else they are terrified of that - of growing up.

In a proper "Capitalist System", i.e. freedom with sacred Rights, and the rule of Law, that type of evasion isn't possible - not for long anyway, and so people out of necessity will grow up and behave responsibility. In this system, there is a balance, the wheel spins smoothly and swiftly, and any rocks or mud flung upon it is flung back off rather quickly.

It has been from Gov stepping in to "fix" this system, that has given us the systematic problems we have now. Each correction (establishing the Fed, IRS, Mandatory "Education", Welfare...) afixes a weight to that smoothly spinning wheel. The shimmey that people begin to notice soon afterwards, is "fixed" by attaching another weight to the wheel, and the shimmey turns to a wobble, and so on.
Gov action in the economy (into our lives and responsibilities) in an attempt to relieve people of the need to be responsible for their own lives.. and people (not most, at least not at first, but only the noisiest) like being able to evade their responsibilities, so they support more and more of it, which further throws the system even further out of balance.

People now don't "feel" (Feelings soon take the place of thoughts when the sense of there being consequences for your actions is removed) they have to take an active hand in many areas of their own lives, such as the education of their children, or even of themselves for that matter "Look there are Gov standards(!) and regulations! I escape having to think any further on this one too! I have a diploma, I'm Educated! All is well!".

And so the wheel wobbles on - for awhile, and the shimmey becomes a vibration, then a wobble, and begins to wear dangerously into the tread.

What the world of Islam has never had, because of the all encompassing nature of it's religion which dictates right action in all areas of life - is freedom. The freedom to choose, for well or ill, and to suffer the rewards or consequences of their actions. The people of Isalm don't have the luxury even of deciding whether or not to shave, or what to put on in the morning, some aspect of the Koran, or Sharia, has already made that decision for them.There will be very little adult behavior, where adult decisions are never given the freedom to be made.

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