Friday, September 29, 2006

Spiritual Economics Part 3

True Or False
Good intentions and seeking ‘truths’ in our musings is a relatively easy thing to do, as compared to putting them into practice, which is hard - but unless you do both, you haven't really achieved the truth you are seeking. Not only is wrong done by taking from someone what is not yours, but giving it to someone who has not earned it deprives them of a necessary step, a life skill, without which they will likely lose their balance and crash on the heights.

We are that which makes it possible to bring the Vertical into contact with the Horizontal, but unless both are brought together through our thought & action - the truths we muse, will never make it into reality - they won't truly exist - within us, or without us – and if they can’t be brought together properly in reality – they probably weren’t truths to begin with.

As we are judged not by our intentions - the thoughts we profess - but by our actions, it is because it is only through our bringing our thoughts out from the depths and heights within us, and into practice out into the world, that they become our true abilities, habits, and traits by which we are known.

Theories and truths that are only thought, but not put into practice, are Truths to no one. The attempt to get someone to a particular point on the spiral without their having put in the effort needed to make the climb upwards, can only be accomplished by jumping down to that same point on a lower level of the spiral. Truths must be enacted, people must "become them" by merging action and thought into reality, and so back into yourself, that is how a soul is chiseled into reality, that is the spiral of Vertical progress.

That fusing of the inner and outer worlds into deep etchings upon our souls is probably the only thing that we can take with us when we leave this world - and they will be the true marks of who we are and what we have become.

Economics pervades your entire life, supporting a policy that is unaware of the true source of wealth, your mind and soul and their relation to truth and its unfolding in reality, will be incomplete and false. Error and lies obscure and truth and will force progress downwards in an ever accelerating tragedyectory as power less and less diluted with truth, drives your progress. As Gagdad Bob noted in a recent posting on One Cosmos :

"For when truth is denied, raw power fills the vacuum, destroying love and everything else in its wake."

Power is something that always will break its bounds unless held tightly in place, and it takes strong convictions, truths, principles to keep it in control. Power when allowed to drive, will point its path closest to the ground. Whenever lofty motives are mixed with contradictory lower ones, it is the lower one that will win out in the end, they weaken your conceptual grip - the wider lines forced out by the inner details no longer integrated with understanding and conviction.

Lets look at our Cones lines within lines in a different light. If you've ever seen steel wires sprung outwards in a flower shape, springy, resisting being pulled together, straining to spread out wide again from within a tube you attempt to contain them in. As you slide them into their tube they're contained, if the tube frays, they begin to spring out again. Think of our wider lines as concepts that are able to contain the particular lines, bound as they are with your understanding. It is that understanding that constrains the power of the particulars of reality into your control. As you lose that understanding, or weaken it with falsehood, or contradictory desires for the shimmering particulars beneath your grasp, they will strain their bounds open, widening, and forcing you down the slope of the cone.

Those powers loosely understood are released pulling your life left and right and downwards, always downwards, because power seeks the most solid stance it can take, closest to the vertical ground floor. Whichever of the contradictory concepts are the least conceptual, the most concrete bound, that is the one that power will take to be its foundation and motive point, and that will involve using Force to pull you with it. Liars are not the only means of spreading falsehood - political and economic policies that obscure the truth, and mislead people into thinking falsehoods to be true, are depriving entire peoples of a proper grasp of their lives - they mobilize 'innocents' to spread falsehood with their every well intentioned effort.

A moral life can only be fully lived through the free choices enacted in the life of an individual, and thwarting that freedom to live as you see fit, enforces false actions, even if not law – think of how many times you, or someone you know, has not said what they wished to, because of Political Correctness Truth is further obfuscated by every half hearted action a person makes - the lie spreads the spirit sickens, and the economy, the culture and love itself are suppressed and forced down the spiral towards its base.

What Good can be done with force? Nothing will result as the allegedly well intended intend it to. Force is Tolkien’s Ring of Power; to use it to DO, to initiate (which separates it from force used in response to force initiated against you – no pacifism allowed here, if someone initiates force against you, you are in the Right to smash them as best you can), Force for some supposed good in the world, it will inevitably corrupt and destroy the good it attempted to Do. It must be so, because of the nature of human beings Free Will. You can’t do as Rousseau proposed, "Force them to be free", you will only enslave those you think you are freeing. Free Will must be free to choose - without that a person can not develop themselves or achieve anything of worth in the world.

To the extent that you try to protect someone from the realities of life and the repercussions of their decisions, you lessen their experience of living their lives. Life can only be experienced through Experience - attempting to lessen the experience MEANS to remove that person from Experiencing a portion of their Life, and the lessons they might otherwise have learned, which must be learned for them to progress above where they are on their particular part of the spiral of life.

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