Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ahminijihad - "I have nothing against Jews or Americans, in fact some of my best friends are Apes, Pigs, Dogs & Devils".

The U.N. Freak show that came to town this week took the Multi-cultural manifesto to new inverse heights. Ahminijihad and Chavez (Castro is out on the injured player list) are the latest UNMSM stars to learn to use the vacuous platitudes of the Western anti-western elites against them while smiling in their face.

This time though, the AWE's (AWE - Anti-Western-Elites) seemed a little discomfited when they sat down to Hordevours with the scruf-jihad - who refused to chummily pretend the things he believed in didn't have any meaning or value, only that the AWEstruck's beliefs, standards and knowledge was useless, worthless, and false and of no value.

To the face of an 81 year old who helped liberate death camps, he maintained that the holocaust didn't happen, and needed to be reinvestigated to get past worthless facts. He had the Gaul to state that he wished countries wouldn't meddle in the internal affairs of Lebanon & Iraq. The Fort Wayne News Sentinel ran a truly disgusting report saying that :

"Ahmadinejad mentioned God at least 15 times in his address, which actually was a brilliantly formulated sermon befitting a member of civilization that had been old during Emperor Constantine, who built the capital of Byzantium. It was a sermon that surpassed the boundaries of Islam and touched on the principles that are the
same for all religions that originated in the Holy Land, and all "People of the Book" - Christians, Jews and Muslims."

Chavez may have been close to being correct when he said that the Devil had been in the UN the day before, but he didn't mean Ahminijihad, but President Bush. Said he could still smell the sulphur. Chavez was rewarded with giggles from the audience, and also applause when he called Bush the devil. He also accused Bush of being a fool, incompetent, alcoholic, dangerous, Hitler... etc, and, fresh from his talks with those luminaries of Human Rights and Freedom, Iran, Syria and Cuba, he said that America was evil and the greatest threat to world peace in the world today.

Brian Williams and other MSM's gave respectful and even at times fawning interviews to Ahminijihad & Chavez, while at the same time one of their compatriots - Wolf Blitzer, held an argumentative interview with President Bush, interrupting him several times, and most definitely NOT treating either Bush or the office of The President of the United States of America - with the same respect given to Chavez and Ahminijihad.

Danny Glover escorted Chavez to a speech in Harlem where he could make other equally lucid comments about Bush and America, and he even pledged to give free heating oil to villages in Alaska.

Take a look at Bush's speech, and theirs, and decide which one makes more sense to you.

How can these things be said without being shredded by anyone in possesion of just a few of the facts involved? Simple, the AWEstruck by virtue of their belief that there are no facts, no truths, and no culture that is better than any other culture - cannibalistic or capitalistic (well that's not quite true, capitalism is the one exception that is worse than any comparison), have not only no defense to offer, but no urge to defend the West at all.

How did the moony AWEstruck get to a position of fawning admiration for these looney Thugocrats? The book that Chavez held up and promoted might lend a clue - "Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance (The American Empire Project)" by our old buddy Noam Chomsky, the most quoted and admired Academic in all of Western Intelligentsia.

The AWEstruck are self-destructed.


Anonymous said...

Good post, Van.
Seeing and hearing the applause from the UN general assembly and the Harlem church for Chavez...the immediate rise in book sales for Chomsky's sewer drivel...and as you said, the fawning by the MSM and leftist (Dhimmicrat blogs)...was sickening!
All of these leftists chose dishonor, embraced these snakes, and accept the propaganda wholesale.
Do I question their patriotism?
You bet I do!

Van Harvey said...

Brian Williams said the next day that "We received e-mail from a surprising number of people who objected to our interview with Ahminijihad..."
"Surprising" kind of says it all.