Saturday, September 30, 2006

Who's there? Hamlet and America.

Who's there?!

To paraphrase the melancholy Dane, "Ah, America, I knew him well!"

How like the dark Dane we are these days; who's there?

Our true heads of state, not the President, but our 'Intellectuals' (I find it impossible to write that without quotes), those who fill our heads with thoughts to think and point out the deeds worth doing, are themselves too involved with their own morbid thoughts of weakness to provide any wisdom at all.

We've got numerous Polonius's wandering about the stage babbling platitudes of advice "Neither a borrower nor a lender be" and "Above all else to thine own self be true" as if giving advice to poeple departing on the journey of life, as if "Ok, turn left, don't borrow, go 200 miles then turn left and after the dell be true to thine own self, and make a right around the old Oak and you're there."

Nonsense. "Bush is a fascist”, “Bush has done more damage than 9/11!", "Dissent is the higher Patriotism". Utter nonsense to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear - to anyone with even a cursory understanding of history - even to those in possession of a dictionary - utter nonsense.

You can see the leftist moonbats reflection in Hamlet trotting out the mousetrap play, for intrigues sake, trying to catch the King - as if he hadn't known his guilt already, just trying to line up a little nudge from reality so he wouldn't have to make a decision himself. The ultimate cop-out of determinists - waiting for occurrences to happen and then decry them, rather than taking action and responsibility for the results you create.

How many times does Hamlet ponder and ponder, but never connect thought to deed?

When he does act, it is sporadic and without thought as when he see's a body behind a tapestry and knowing nothing but his snap assumption, stabs it with his sword and killing poor befuddled Polonius.

Who's there? It is his self indulgent moroseness and indecisiveness that ultimately brings about the deaths of Polonius, his daughter Ophelia, that enables the King to mislead Laertes into a plot to kill Hamlet, which not only kills Hamlets mother, but brings about his own death too - just after that of poor hornswaggled Laertes and the King.

Listicism, endlessly analyzing opposing lists of alternate points of view, seeking after deterministic happenings to "Occur" on their own and relieve the burden of judgment and independent action from them.
How like moonbat America today.

As the first line of the play "Who's there?!" asks, who is there? Who are you truly? There is much that you know, but little that you understand and even less that you believe.

Your fancy thoughts have left the ground so long ago, that they produce no value, reveal no truths, and prepare you to take no actions but that of endless whining and indecisive harrangues against reality. But it is reality that persists in insisting that you DO something to earn your existense, not being willing to "Occur" for your benefit.

Who's there?

To all of the Leftist's so fixed on "The Iraqi distraction making the Islame-o's angry" and 'Bush lied and people died", put down Uric's skull and offer up some solid and integrated ideas of your own, together with the concrete steps you're willing to take to bring them into reality.

Reason is a fine thing, when it is directed to encompass all of your knowledge, enabling you to bring all of your skills and abilities to bear on a problem - but when it is shorn of those roots in reality which alone make it possible to connect the otherwise not apparently related dots, then it becomes a weight around your neck, and it draws you ever downward.

They have bound themselves to impotent inaction by their eager beliefs of themselves as being unworthy oppressors, of there being no true Right and Wrong, of multi-cultural relativism - cultural Marxism, that makes endless pondering upon the miseries of the day, as itself the ideal ends of their thought; and action - especially any action to do what is right in and for the West, such things are deemed as being forever distaseful, losing propositions, one and all.

Having discarded thoughts of there being such things as selves, and especially of souls, they believe that all is only the result of chance and unknowable forces acting in society. In their minds we are all powerless in life - be it before Katrina or the Caliphate, we are only able to yield to it and They, always to They who are presumed lesser, so that we can appear generous and admirable (and oh so subtly superior) to them.
Gagdad summed it well again, noting on his post of 9/30/2006 that:

“For you it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but
to them it has not been given.... Therefore I speak to them in parables, because
seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand.'
Therefore, Jesus is identifying and highlighting a perennial problem with
spiritual knowledge: many who hear hear it do not hear it, and many more who
understand it do not comprehend it."

As with many moonbat Trols, they love their pretty words, but they don't comprehend their meaning. Their speech's take impressive sounding and pretty words and just line them up in attractive arrangements, stuffed animals on display, but without life and meaning beyond their appearance, their integrated concepts torn out and tossed aside.

They criticize endlessly but offer no criticism, or rather, criticism bereft of its meat - a reasoned judgment and suggestion of more grounded alternatives; Carping only. Apparently so focused on lost elections, that they've lost sight of what the elections are for - to lead America through perilous times to more freedom and prosperity - to lead with well rounded Reason and Action.

Who's there? Moonbat city offers no reply but endless sound and fury signifying nothing.

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