Sunday, March 04, 2012

Abolishing Freedom for the 99%

The new Breitbart site has this post "Exclusive: SEIU Helps Occupy ‘Abolish Capitalism’", which you should read and listen to very, very, carefully.

As you do so, you should keep in mind that "Capitalism" was the term which Marx used to rename the Free Market with... why? Why do you think? Who could possibly stir up a free people against Freedom? But against money/capital? That's as easy as stirring a pot.

Why should you care? Try this out, read that headline again, but this time try reading it as what it actually means: "SEIU Helps Occupy 'Abolish Freedom'... now how's that working out for you?

Nothing short of Evil.
In the video, during a panel at the "New School" (I'll come back to that in a moment) in New York City, you can hear such luminaries as David Graeber from the University of London Anthropologist and Anarchist, who coined the phrase "We are the 99%", as he says:
"What strikes me is that if one is going to pursue this to its logical conclusion, the only way to have a Democratic society, is also to abolish Capitalism in the State."
And another panellist, Marina Sitrin, Attorney for Occupy Wall Street, nails it with this comment:
"But, um, we can't have democracy and capitalism. We could make more representation I think, but democracy and capitalism don't work together."
On that point, our Founders, such as John Adams thoroughly agreed. And for that reason they did everything they could to ensure that we would never, ever, become a Democracy, as they, and these people, understand the term to mean.

Why? Because he knew, as do these scum, that Democracy means nothing other than mob rule. They knew that it meant that no one's property could be secure or safe under a Democracy, and they understood that if no one's property was safe, then no one's lives could be safe because no one could possibly have any rights at all; unless all individuals have the means to retain their property and make their own decisions about their own lives, then no one can have anything they could possibly refer to as being 'their own lives'.

No Mob can rule, if individuals have rights. Period. No Property Rights, no Individual Rights, no Liberty and no Freedom, can endure or even exist, under Mob Rule, aka: Democracy.

Welcome to the 99% who occupy the Gulags. Oh, and as to the "New School", those of you in Missouri who have memories longer than a news cycle, you'll love this one; how many of you remember Missouri State Senator Jeff Smith? Do you remember him as he likes to be remembered, and as his new employers at the New School,  who employs him as a Professor of Political Science, would like him to be known as:
(PhD, Washington University), assistant professor of politics and advocacy. Smith majored in Black Studies and Political Science at UNC-Chapel Hill before going to graduate school in Saint Louis. He has taught political science at Washington University (Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence) and Dartmouth College. At the Milano School, he teaches and conducts research on campaigns and elections, the role of race in urban politics, policy advocacy, and the legislative process. He served in the Missouri Senate from 2006 to 2009 as the nation’s only white state senator from a majority-black district. As a co-founder of a group of inner-city charter schools, the Confluence Academies, he became the senate’s leading voice on education reform. He writing a memoir about his experience in state politics and contributes to The Recovering Politician, a blog for former elected officials. His articles have been featured in Inc. and New York, and he has been profiled in Harper’s, The New Republic, and other magazine. In 2004, he ran for the congressional seat vacated by Dick Gephardt, losing narrowly to Russ Carnahan. His youth-powered grass-roots campaign was chronicled in the film Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?, which was lauded by the Washington Post, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Tribune, and short-listed for an Academy Award.
Or do you remember him as he should be remembered,  as David Birdnow remembers him, as a locus of political corruption, criminal behavior, and as a felon:
" the summer of 2009. Smith had committed perjury and filed a false affidavit with the Federal Election Commission in 2004, in connection with an investigation concerning election fraud in the congressional primary. In January, 2009 the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Eastern Missouri, reopened the criminal investigation after uncovering new information concerning the obstruction of the FEC inquiry. Smith pleaded guilty to two felony counts of conspiracy to obstruct justice, with each count punishable by up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 in fines. He resigned his office on August 25, 2009 and was sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison, and a $50,000 fine. Smith served his prison term in a federal facility in Manchester, Kentucky and spent three months in a halfway house in St. Louis. He was released from federal custody in late November of 2010. Doctor Jeff Smith is now a professor of political science at the New School in New York City..."
Sure hope none of you have any children, or friends (I'm afraid I have one friend there) being 'educated' at the New School... yeah, it's new all right, very proregressive.

Be sure to read that article, because your St. Louis Post Dispatch has the same amnesia as New York's New School does... apparently that's one Missouri Newspaper which has absolutely no understanding of what "Show Me" means.

How about you? Are you going to wait until the people behind Occupy Wall Street shows you what Democracy looks like?


Anonymous said...

I don't care whether I'm unsung or sung, and don't expect to be posted. But someone will be reading this before it's deleted, and to that ignorant individual, YOU are the scum.

Van Harvey said...

Dear aninnymouse:

I, Van, am the one reading your cowardly anonymous comment, and I am happy to be called scum by someone defending those who wish to strip away the Individual Rights of everyone living in our Republic, in order to impose their Mobocracy upon us all.

As the she-scum said in the opening of the video "We could make more representation I think, but democracy and capitalism don't work together."

What she means by that, and what you are defending, is the idea that 'Representation', meaning that individual citizens having inherent and Natural Rights, who live under a representative government and the rule of law, are fully compatible with, and capable of, working in freedom and liberty with the Free Market; and the reason why, is because the Property Rights of all are protected under law.

Democracy, on the other hand, which starts and ends its concerns only for the collective 'good', as voiced by its leaders, demogogues, who are concerned only with fanning the passions of the mob in order to swing majority opinion in their favor - IOW Power - can impose whatever they want, upon whoever they want, under whatever pretext serves their purpose, sacrificing whatever victim - the rich, etc - it selects in order to serve their purpose.

The distinction between that and Stalinism or Fascism, is a distinction without a difference worth noting.

If that is who you choose to stand with, I'm proud to be thought of as scum by the likes of you. As Sam Adams said of a far more respectible group of scum than yourself: "may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!"

Gobsmack said...

I didn't quite catch what Anon was saying, but I like the pugnacious spirit of it. The word "scum" is always a good sign.

So Van, if you like capitalists so much, why don't you work for some fat-cat for minimum wage and see how you likey?

Or, instead, get some Government cheese and other freebies and eat well for cheap.

That's the difference between capitalism and communism. The fat cat takes, the Government hands out.

It all depends on what side of the fence your on.

Van Harvey said...

globspat said "...I like the pugnacious spirit of it. The word "scum" is always a good sign."

Seeing as how aninnymouse swiped the word "scum" from me, I accept your compliment.

"if you like capitalists so much, why don't you work for some fat-cat for minimum wage and see how you likey?"

Lessee... I'm guessing you were either raised on the govt tit, or that of your parents... either way it's likely you never worked a day in your life? I've worked for minimum wage... which unfortunately the govt was forcing that business, Ahern Rental Center, Las Vegas, Nv, to pay me. Had they been able to hire youts like me for a wage that made sense to them for the work I was likely (or unlikely) to be able to produce (I know it's a tough concept for aninnies such as yourself to grasp, but you aren't paid because you are a swell fellow, but because you can perform or produce something which makes paying you for it, worthwhile to do), I probably would have had more co-workers and not had to do so much of the work myself, but that's just another one of those unintended consequences (aka: 'Common Sense' to those of the non leftist persuasion) that outbreaks of leftist madness commonly produce.

Little by little over the years I gained other skills, and general practical sense, that made it possible to demand, and be paid, more from other employers - Checker Auto, Cardinal Tool & Die, etc. At that point I went to see what sense and value the university system could offer me, quickly discovered that the answer to that was zero, and left it to join a band for a decade.

Because it was the 1980's, and it was the Rock scene, we were able to fly under the radar of the various Thugocratic Musician unions, and perform, or get fired (happened a couple times), as the venue owners decided. I have panhandled for food, performed for room and board, etc.

Eventually after quitting the band life, getting married and getting a life, and drudging through some other low paying jobs which thankfully some Fat Cat Corporations thought I could handle for them, I moved on to some better paying sales jobs. Eventually, after spending every moment of my spare time hitting the books (including standing in line at theaters), I learned enough about computers and programming to produce work that was significantly more valuable to other Fat Cat Corporations, and produce enough for them for me to earn enough to have a nice house for my family, a few cars, and a library full of books.

Amazingly, I'm still able to do that... however much the govt has tripped up the economy, there are still some jobs available.

"The fat cat takes, the Government hands out."

I'm sure from the point of view of a thugocrat who has no deeper economic understanding than that of the typical holdup man, that must be how it appears, however, sorry, I can't be bothered to worry all that much about your self imposed idiocy.

Unless of course you'd care to attempt to practice what you preach in my vicinity... then we might be able to have a nice demonstration of how the right to self defense can trump another person's right to life.

Gobsmack said...

You've worked and struggled all of your life, which is fine for those who like that sort of thing. It is very inspiring and I'm certain you deserve all you have recieved from your hard work. You have what it takes.

I would rather be supplied with what I need without all the foo-fooraw. It's just so complicated to figure out how to make a buck; some of us just can't muster it. People like me want people like you to understand; we aren't lazy or foolish. We just don't have "it", which is drive or vision. We need to be taken care of; there's no way we can make it without help and lots of it.

So, there it is. This is why we need communism. Otherwise people like me, and there are many, suffer from want. No cars, no cell phones, seldom any new clothes, and meals out only once a week or so. No good.

One thing I am good at is brawling and so ironically your comment at the end touches on the only ability I actually possess. Which pays nothing.

So. There you have it. I need Government cheese.

mushroom said...

There won't really be mob-rule for very long. There never is. Like Obama, people like Slim, Buffett, and Soros are "hindered" by the Constitutional Republican form of government.

In Argentina, before the economic collapse in 2001, there was a reasonable amount of mobility between classes, with a sizable middle class. After the collapse, they ended up with a very large group in poverty. The middle and working classes were drastically reduced. But, strangely enough, the elites stayed about the same, though upward mobility ceased. The only movement was down from middle class to poor.

If you had it, you kept it. If you didn't, you lost what you had. Almost biblical.

The powerful who back socialism understand that you need somebody to run the system, and they know it is going to be them, for the most part. Any centrally planned economic system naturally tends toward economic fascism.

I don't want to make it sound like a conspiracy. You just end up with a sort of ad hoc aristocracy of people who live in the right places and know the right people and go to the right schools.

When you couple that with the desire and the power to "fix" things then add in the increasing intrusiveness of a burgeoning police state -- well, I don't even have to say word.

Old Joe Kennedy saw the way things were headed under Roosevelt, which is why he pushed the boys into politics rather than business.

Van Harvey said...

globspit spat "You've worked and struggled all of your life..."

Struggled? Struggled?! Going to work is not a struggle, putting one foot in front of the other is not a struggle, and making an effort to improve yourself, while not easy, is in no way a struggle.

Moving to a fronteir populated with no one but savages who'd like nothing better than to take your scalp, building a 'house' out of sod cut from the ground, battling the elements to build a farm out of nothing, in the middle of nowhere, with no technology or means of communication or a doctor within a hundred miles... that's a struggle.

The idea that making calls and knocking on doors to get a job to work in any modern workplace, or picking up a book and wrapping your head around new ideas in order to raise your income, the idea that that is in any serious way a struggle, is pathetic.

Van Harvey said...

Mushroom said "I don't want to make it sound like a conspiracy."

Yep. No conspiracy need apply, it's simply how false ideas must work out in practice, rewarding power (with a living death) and punishing virtue.

Way it is.

Thugocrat said...

This is your thugocrat speaking. Hand over your money.

Chop chop