Friday, June 01, 2007

To Ryan on his Graduation


A mislabeling if there ever was one. Giving the impression that you are done with school.


Better to think of this as marking your leaving the pureed & pre-chewed learning environment of school - and stepping into the real learn as you go world, on you own.

Don't get the idea that all you've learned up to this point, has taught you all you need. It's taught you enough, hopefully, to be able to perceive the coming lessons you will find your self in, and equip you with the ability to learn from them.

That will help you to Educate yourself in the school of life. Pay attention and you will learn much, become much and much more - first within, then without. Learn the wealth of inner education, 'education' : 'to set free', to be able to discern and evaluate life with your own mind. With that, you can learn any lesson, apply them, relate them, learn what you should and want to achieve - and set about achieving it for yourself, for your life.

To make your life. That's what you're graduating for, and into. Pay attention in class, do your homework...

and Enjoy!


walt said...

Congratulations to your boy, Dad!

(And a very fine message for him!)

Van Harvey said...

It is accomplished!
20 Laws & InLaws came, saw & skedaddled & he graduated - not very relaxing, but very satisfying & enjoyable!

Mizz E said...

A milestone has been touched. Coongrats to All your family and son.

I wasn't able to attend my son's high school graduation. But we threw a helluva partay after college graduation, which came 3 years after four years with the Marines.

Anonymous said...

Van, email me, willya please?