Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Show Me State to ObamaoCare: Get Outta Town!

Show Me State vote of 71.1% for Prop C Healthcare Freedom Act says to ObamaoCare: Get Outta Town!
Missouri voters went to the polls yesterday and overwhelmingly voted for the Health Care Freedom Act, Proposition C, whose first provision says,

" 1. No law or rule shall compel, directly or indirectly, any person, employer, or health care provider to participate in any health care system."

Kudo's and huge thanks to Annette Read and Margaret Hanenburg Walker of "I heard the people say" who put an enormous amount of time and effort into making this happen, a small part of which I saw first hand on several occasions, and posted on here and here.

If you may be tempted to think this is just much ado about nothing, I'll direct you to a recent comment by Congressmen Pete Stark, to a constituent during a townhall meeting (H/T Poed Patriot:)

Townhall questioner: If this legislation is constitional, what limits are there on the fed govt's limits to run our private lives?
Congressmen Stark: I think that there are very few constitution limits that would prevent the fed govt from rules that could affect your private life, now the basis for that would be how it would affect other people.
Townhall questioner: Is your answer that they can do anything?
Congressmen Stark: The fed govt, yes can do most anything in this country...
And if you've been following the comments of other fine folks like Pelosi & Hoyer, this attitude is commonly held, and even boastfully stated.

Make no mistake, when those entrusted with power feel that they have no restrictions upon the use of their power, there is little or nothting that can be done to stop them from doing unto you what they think is best for you.

If you are tempted to think that 'no legitimate public figure would do bad things to their fellow citizens'... you should also keep in that fine folks like Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once ruled on forced sterilization of 'botched' citizens. Other fine folks like President Teddy Roosevelt often voiced his opinion that societies lesser elements should be bred out of 'the common stock'.

Ideas have consequences folks, and unless those with the power to act on their ideas are restricted from imposing their best ideas upon you - they will!


mushroom said...

Missouri just changed its state motto. We are now the Show You state.

If it weren't for Jackson County, St. Louis City, and the PRC (Peoples Republic of Columbia), it would have been 75%.

Well, it's just the individual mandate, right? No big deal. No, it's a very big deal. First, as you say, it's about standing up to abusive government. Second, the mandate is the key to getting the insurance companies to go along with this monstrosity. Only if younger people who don't need health insurance are FORCED into the system can their house of cards stand.

Yes, it will be challenged in court. But it's one across their elitist bows just the same.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yep. It must feel a little bit nice to be from Missouri these days.

I'm glad I'm just hanging out in SC and not actually from here.