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Slave or American - how would you ask it? How will you Vote?

The time has come around again to ask an old question anew. I'd been prodding leftists for a while when I first asked this question a couple years ago, in the comments at One Cosmos, in January of 2010, and I've repeated it in many places and many times since. I've still yet to receive any worthy response to it... nothing other than confusion or anger. One of the regulars commenter's there, Hoarhey, suggested I make it a permanent post, which I did (down on the sidebar... Right side, natch), and what with tomorrow being election day, it is about high time to raise it again, because this is the question that it all comes down to.

To be a house slave... or to be an American. But I'm not asking you that question.

Though that is the choice you are making when you go (or don't go) to the polls. Will you cast your vote with the party/candidate that has a realistic chance of unseating the opposition, or will you choose to throw your vote out of harms way to fan your own vanity under the guise of 'being principled'?

Obama or Romney? Casting your vote for anyone else is casting it away from the fight, and for Obama.

McCaskill or Akin? Any other vote is a vote for Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader.

To be a house slave... or to be an American - That is your choice tomorrow... but it's still not the question I'm asking you... give me a moment more.

What, you think I'm being too dramatic? Why? Have you ever bothered to think about what makes the life one's living, one lived as a slave or in liberty? Do you really think that only the presence of a whip determines the correct answer?

What prompted this question that I'm about to ask you, the first time, was an anonymous anninymouse comment, stating that essentially we conservatives were just being hysterical about ObamaCare, that we should all just relax and let Obama, Pelosi & Reid do their thing because
"The nation is fine. We have a good nation. We have a bright future. We have happy people. Can you not accept these things?"
Can I accept these things... with their definitions? No. Can you? Can you accept the rapidly increasing instances of reduced or lost rights to property, life, liberty and right to pursue our own idea of happiness... as issues we can 'just accept'? As infringements that are just harmless and meaningless trifles?

Hell no!

But I'm not asking you, directly, which you'd choose... instead I'm asking you how you'd explain the choice to someone else.

The question I posed to the aninnymouse, and which I offer up to you (and you could still be the first  to answer this question), is not a difficult one; it is not as if I'm asking for anyone to actually define what Rights are, or anything like that... I'm just going to pose the following scenario and then ask you to answer me one simple question... ready?

The Question
Here's the scenario:
Suppose there's a place nearby where people are actually enslaved, enslaved in the good old fashioned pre-civil war sense, and you, a righteous leftie, working in association with an underground railroad, have a chance for a brief private moment alone with a pampered well kept house slave, one of those 'cared-for-like-one-of-the-family' house slaves (you know, the sort ya'll lefties used to accuse Condi Rice of being?)... how would you interest this house slave in escaping with you, to make a break and escape to the sort of 'freedom' you propose for us today... how would you induce them them to make a break to live in a land where 'all is fine, good, bright futures and happy people' such as the left, offers us today..?
  • Would you tell them that they'd be able to live their life as they chose (as long as that meant buying govt defined healthcontrol or risk fines and imprisonment)?
  • Would you tell them they'd be able to keep their own money and plan their own future (as long as those plans included forking over 20%-80% of their earnings for 'necessary' services(don't worry what those might be, governocrats will decide) and the 'social security' of having govt plan their retirements)?
  • Would you tell them they could own their own property (as long as govt didn't see a better use for it... as they did for Susette Kelo's home... it's such a nice vacant lot now, isn't it?)?
  • Would you tell them they could perhaps build up a family business and pass it down to their kids (unless it were something that the govt decided to 'rescue', like a car dealership)?
  • Would you tell them that they'd be able to raise their kids and give them a good education (as long as that meant in govt approved schools with govt approved teaching certificates and with an Obama govt safe school czar curriculum)?
Would you tell them... well... what would you tell them to make them want to leave their cushy house slave status, to make them consider leaving a comfortable house slave position where they're on such good and personable terms with their masters... what would you tell them to make them risk that cushy spot ... in order to exchange it for your leftie house slave status?... where they could have a nice DMV like relationship with their bureaucrat masters?

What would you tell them?

What will you tell the nation today as you cast your vote?

Do tell.

The American Answer
I know what I'd tell them, assuming I lived in a free nation, one with constitutionally protected liberties and secure property rights... I'd tell them 'Come with me if you want to live!'

But given that such a country, a free nation, with constitutionally protected liberties and secure property rights, no longer exists in the world today, there is only one thing to be said... there is no where to escape to... it is up to us, all of us, now, to restore that freedom and liberty and their security through Property Rights, to this nation, here and now! It's not such a hard fight, the foundation for it, our Constitution, already exists, we only have to remind those we've put in it's offices, of what it says, and what it means, and more importantly, and more urgently, we have to remind the citizens of this great nation, of what it says, of what it means, and why it is important to them and their children, why being a house slave, no matter how cushy the position, is nothing in comparison to living your own life, with liberty to pursue what you see as your own happiness.

Luckily for us we don't have to come up with all of the ideas and arguments for a nation based upon laws, rather than the whims of men - some folks already did a very thorough job of considering such issues before us. In fact, centuries worth of consideration upon such issues has already resulted in a thorough examination of the concepts of Individual Rights, of fixed and objective Law rooted in Natural Law, as opposed to the whims of Leviathan... and a revolution was already fought for them - and won. And even after our Founding Fathers initial attempt at a government based opon those theories alone proved to be ineffective, some of the greatest men in history got together at a convention in Philadelphia, and wrote the Constitution of the United States of America.

A Framework For Governing And Upholding Our Rights
But as fine a document as the Constitution was, after the entire nation debated that framework for governing and of how to implement them, they found it to be wanting... and they insisted that there be added to that constitution, a Bill of Rights, and after much further consideration, eventually settling on 10 amendments, in order to make it inconceivable that a Tyranny could ever arise in this land... at least not while that Bill of Rights stood firm and kept our government in check, by protecting:
1. Our Right to Free Speech and Freedom of Religion, and the Right to Petition our government and to Free Assembly,
2. Our Right to Bear Arms,
3. The Right to be secure from government intrusion in your home, and "that a man's house shall be his own castle",
4. That the "...right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated..."
5. The Right to due process of law, and that no private property will be taken for public use, without just compensation
6. The Right to a fair and speedy trial
7. The Right to trial by jury
8. The Right to be held without excessive bail or cruel or unusual punishment
Those people back then, people just like us, but much more aware of how a once loved government can quickly turn into Tyranny, they felt secure enough in these Rights, these 'parchment barriers', only because the vital concepts of Natural Law were enshrined in the Constitution through both the presence of
9. The Ninth Amendment, which was there to prevent those in power within the government from abusing or reducing the Rights of the people: "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people",
10. and because it was doubly secured through the Tenth Amendment, which made it crystal clear, that "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."
Read your Rights as stated in these links, but more importantly, read through the material linked to beneath those amendments, they explain what those ideas meant, the arguments for and against them - understand what they mean! It is really not rocket science! Read the constitution, read how it was so carefully structured in order to be able to balance such issues of the Rights of the people against the needs of the state, how it was intended to balance the lust for power (which they knew to fear even in those they admired) of those in one branch of government, against the lust for power of those in the other branches of government, for as the quote attributed to George Washington says,
"Government is not reason, nor eloquence. It is force. And like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearsome master."
IOW, for those of you who think 'all is well'... Don't turn your back on it!

Read the reasoning behind the debates on each clause of the Constitution, here, start with the Preamble... scroll down, familiarize yourself with the ideas that went to it, before blindly dismissing what some of the finest minds in history had to say on the same issues, in principle, which we face today, do that, and you may help spare us from becoming House Slaves.

So Now What?
Assuming you understand its importance, and wish to protect it - what can you do about it?


Two years ago, the best I could tell you was
  ... to speak up, speak up in private, speak up in public, whenever someone snickers, as Pelosi did, at the idea the the Constitution should have any restraint upon their desire to wield power over us, if like her, they as "Are you serious?!" - answer Yes, and be able to explain why. Get involved locally, not just for U.S. Congressional and Senate races, but even more importantly, in your State and Local races, and in your Party politics. NOW!
But today there is something you can do, right now, today - cast your vote.

Cast your vote like a stone between the eyes of the greatest threat facing our liberty today. But when you cast it, make sure it will make an impact, make sure that you oppose the greater threat, with the candidate most likely to be able to keep the greater threat out of power. Anything less, lets them pass unhindered. Any vote for a weak 3rd party candidate, is a vote that misses the mark, a vote that slows the beast not one bit, it is a vote that turns from the fight and leaves the field to the most ruthless.

For President, that means casting your vote with Romney/Ryan... any other is shot in the air that will not phase the Obama and his regulators one whit.

For Senator, in Missouri, that means Todd Akin... any other is a vote that will keep Harry Reid secure as Majority Leader in the Senate.

You stand alone at the bridge - will you stand your ground?
You don't stand alone, but you must make your choice alone... do you see it clearly? It is an easy thing to do, but it is not a small choice, it is momentous and its effects will be long reaching... it is the sort of choice that stories are written and lived for... don't let the fact that you have no sound track trick you into believing that your part is insignificant. It is not, and those stories of grand adventures are told for the very reason of helping you decide how to proceed in 'small' matters such as your stepping into the voting booth. Long before there was Gandalf at the bridge facing down the Balrog, there was Horatius at the bridge facing down an army, and what was true in the 'fiction' of Tolkein's Lord of the Rings, was true in history 2,000 years ago, and it is just as true today - you must stand and make a choice, between what is right, and what is easy.

Will you stand your ground and declare to those who would trod your liberty underfoot, that "You shall not pass!"... or will you welcome them in with thanks for their gifts of baubles and chains for you?

The choice is yours.

Choose to fight and fight well... or settle in for having Govt live your life for you.

And pray you get a cushy job in the masters house. Far, far away from me.

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