Monday, March 04, 2013

It's the Show Me state - what part of NO do you still need to be shown to get it?

This is not the way I like to wake up in the morning, discovering that my state senator, Tom Dempsey is introducing legislation to expand medicaid and usher in Obamacare to Missouri.

I worked hard to help pass Proposition C. There is a reason why it passed so overwhelmingly. I and the majority of people of Missouri do not want Obamacare in our state, not through the front door and not through the back door - not in any way shape or form.

If this bill goes forward I will work just as hard, harder, to may his the public face of Obamacare in our district.

Please Senator. Do not attempt to expand Medicaid.  It will hurt Missouri economically, and it will make us less competitive - but most of all, do not do it because it is just flat out Wrong - and we know it! 

What more do we need to do to show you that we know that!

If you live in St. Charles, if you live in Missouri, sign on to this RedState petition, and contact your representatives, and let them know, AGAIN, that no means NO.

Here's Sen. Dempsey's contact info:
Capitol Office:
201 W Capitol Ave., Rm. 433
Jefferson City, MO 65101
(573) 751-1141
FAX: (573) 522-3383
Legislative Staff:
Rose Rackers
Kim Drummond
Christa Montgomery, 
    District Staff 

District Office: 
PO Box 62
St. Peters, MO 63376 
(636) 294-2526 

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