Friday, October 18, 2013

Are you done wasting time on 'Get Liberty Quick!' schemes?

So...Sequester? Continuing Resolutions? Debt Limit? ObamaCare? Defunding ObamaCare? 'Health Exchanges'? Amnesty?

How are those Conservative Rock Stars like Marco Rubio working out for you? Is the support you gave the GOP living up to your expectations?

Are you done pussyfooting around yet? Are you done wasting time on foolish 'Get Liberty Quick!' schemes?

Are you done sending politicians to do a citizens work? America is a nation of Ideas, yet our schools are producing students that don't understand those ideas, and the Common Core Curriculum, by its very nature, is a threat to those ideas and the constitutional system they require.

There is no political solution - it requires You., here, not in Washington D.C., but here, in your own back yard - lose here and lose it all. There are no quick answers, but there are steps that can be taken to halt the slide, and those require you to lend a hand in taking back our schools.

I'll be giving the opening presentation, starting at 1:00 Sunday, the 20th, I hope to see you there.

Sponsored by Americans for Prosperity and the Missouri Coalition Against Common Core:

Take Back Our Schools

St. Louis – Sunday October 20, 2013  1-6:00*

The Wildwood Hotel 2801 Fountain Place Wildwood 63040

  •  The History of Common Core Standards – How Did We Get Here?
  • High Quality Standards For Everyone? Not so much. What about special needs kids? How could CC harm early learners?
  • Testing Testing Testing
  • Data Collection – The government wants to know everything about your children. How can you protect their privacy?
  • What are your rights according to Missouri state law? How can you begin to assert those rights?
  • What is happening at the federal level when it comes to Common Core, Data Collection and state’s  rights to control education
  • The future of education in Missouri – a common sense approach based on local assertion of rights  already granted by our constitution and legislature.
There will be break out sessions for various interest groups to network with other grassroots activists.
School Board Members – Know your rights as a School Board member. Compare experiences and network with other board members who are trying to get their district out of the public/private system of common standards.
Grassroots Activists – For parents, taxpayers, teachers, legislators. We’ll talk about everything in our activist kit, answer questions and get you networking.
Non-Public Schools (Catholic/Private/Home Schools) – Whether or not CC is in or coming to your school, you need to know what to watch for and how to keep the quality education you are paying for or providing.
Learn more and receive your Grassroots Action Kit with everything you need to inform people in your district about Common Core and data collection.
Don’t wait for government to hand you back control.
 Take back the control that has been yours all along.
* (These times are accurate. Times on Eventbrite might not match due to a service limitation.)
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