Saturday, June 07, 2014

Rant: To be Pro-Socialist-ic-ish, is to be Anti-American.

Can we just cut the crap? If you are Pro-Socialist-ic-ish, then you are Anti-American. Period.

Doesn't mean you hate puppies, or that you want to visit ruin upon your neighbors, but it does mean that you are opposed to what being an American means. Whether you prefer to pass it off as being Socialist, Socialistic, Fascist, Communist or 'progressive', you are repudiating the ideas and principles which define this nation as America.

America is a nation founded upon a set of ideas - that an individual has the right to live their own life, and its laws were written to uphold and defend those fundamental Rights, without which, those having political power could wield the power to live your life for you.

That realization, that achievement, was the most significant step forward in political progress in over two thousand years. To oppose it, to seek to undermine it, is to seek after political regress.

If you want to replace Individual Rights with politically popular privileges, then you are in every meaningful sense of the word, Anti-American.

If you'd prefer a leisurely and secure suck from the Govt tit to the risks inherent in living your own life, then you are in every meaningful sense of the word, Anti-American.

If you are willing to gin up passions and fears over money and guns in order to subvert or repeal those constitutional amendments which guarantee that those fundamental Rights will not be abridged, if you want to use political power to tell others how to think, what words they are permitted to say, and how they must go about living the sort of life which you and your collective gang approve of, then you are in fundamental opposition to what it means to be an American.

If that is what you seek, then have the brass to declare yourself to be Pro-Socialist-ic-ish, and Anti-American - stop pretending, stop mouthing words like 'Constitution' and 'Rights' which you don't believe in, stop praising the Founders or saluting the flag which turns your stomach.

Just come out of the closet ya pro-regressive pansy. Enough already.

That is all, end rant; have a nice day.

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Anonymous said...

As the British used to say, Here, Here! Good post.