Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rant: Say Goodnight (if you dare), the Party's Over.

rant:What does freedom of speech depend upon? What depends upon freedom of speech - other than every freedom and liberty we have? Do we really have freedom of speech if the Govt doesn't censor us, though it meekly allows any random thug or nation to prevent us from speaking freely? Threatening the American people and businesses with death and destruction should they dare to watch and listen to something that a foreign tyrant finds offensive, is... tolerable? 

THE worst act that President George H.W. Bush committed in office was his mealy mouthed - 'measured' - response to the Ayatollah of Iran when he threatened to bomb American book stores if they dared to sell Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses". That utter failure to defend not only our freedom of speech, but of commerce, trade and association, on top of Reagan's retreat after the barracks bombing, guaranteed, as weakness to tyranny always does, the terror soaked decades that have followed.

Today North Korea has topped the Ayatollah ten fold, threatening American theaters with a "9/11 response" should they dare show a movie he finds offensive. And not only has there been no response from this administration, there has been very little response from ether the media or from the public at all.

Seth Friggin' Rogen has made the most vocal response to this.

Might as well turn out the lights folks, the party's over.


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Unfortunately, I expected Sony to give in to the terrorist demands.
They were following Obama and Hillary's lead in that regard.
Had Sony stood up for the First Ammendment I would've actually went to see this film, and I very rarely go to a theater.

Good rant, Van!

Van Harvey said...

Ben, as I said somewhat indelicately to a friend, I wouldn't pay an ounce of warm piss to go see a Seth Rogen movie, and although it'd be swell if Sony showed some spine, defending itself from foreign powers is not it's job, that is the job of our government of the United States of America. And anything less than a cruise middle down the roof of the North Korean ministry of technology, is a full surrender on our part.

If a foreign power can dictate what we will and will not be able to do in our own country, can threaten us with death should we displease them - if that's okay, if that's possible, THEN WHO THE HELL NEEDS TO BOTHER WITH INVASIONS?!

Van Harvey said...

Sheesh *missile* not 'middle'.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Van Harvey and Ben.
But, truly, it does seem as if the party is over: BoehnerTraitor (and the rest) ignoring the apparent will of the electorate came first. Or, JohnRobertsTraitor, or, let's see, violent, destructive riots as legitimate protest; I'm going to run out of ink before I run out of items for this list.