Thursday, March 26, 2020

Stimulating Social Distancing: $2 Trillion for Govt to 'Help you!' /sarc

Just in case you thought that our Govt was thinking about helping you with their $2 Trillion Stimulus Package, here's some fun facts. There are about 330 million people in America, but lets round that up 20 mil to a nice even 350 million, just to allow for errors, or, ya know, respirators & such. If we gave $1,200.00 to all of them, that'd add up to $420 Billion dollars... which would still leave $1.5 Trillion bucks for Govt to 'Help you!' with. And since there are (counting every conceivable variation) approx, at last count, 3.25 million businesses in America, if we divided up the remainder between them, that'd mean making available $48,615 for every business out there. Perhaps we might want to shift that around, based on whether a business has 1 employee, or 500, but... you get the drift.
In case you missed it, that is not what your Govt is proposing to do with this $2 Trillion dollars in stimulus (or the other $4 trillion they've earmarked in the wings).
Nope. But the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts got $35 million. 'Migrants and Refugee Assistance' 'get' (read govt agencies & helpers will 'distribute') $350 million. Unions got something even more worthwhile than money, they got the power to unionize a boatload more businesses. And lots more money is 'spread around' to lots more institutions that your Govt would rather help out than, ya know, you, your health, or your business.
I dunno about you, but I'm really interested in practicing some 'social distancing' right now. Have a nice day.
P.S. Just ignore the fact that there is no $2 Trillion dollars to distribute, let alone another $4 Trillion to earmark, because, ya know, that'd just make things more difficult

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