Saturday, February 03, 2007

Over the hill and through the woods and off the cliff we go....

Well, I survived the sacking of the IT Mgr, restructuring of the project from a Visual Studio 2003 web based ASP.Net Portal app to windows forms & Services Oriented architecture in Visual Studio 2005, the change of programming languages from VB to C#, and the death march project schedule & crunch time rollout tasks; but now that the core project is done, I'm not being picked up to stay on for the new development work.

“Hey, can you come in here?”
“What are you working on now?”,
“Testing is all I’ve got left assigned”,
“Your Admin screens tight?”,
“Yep, all are working well & no problems”,
“Cool. Well… The projects rolled out & Ken’s gonna be able to handle the new dev work, so we’re going to let your contract expire next Friday. I just wanted to give you a heads up & some notice, I’ve already contacted your company. Nothing personal. Cool?”
pause… “Yep, that’ll work, thanks.”

Of three contractors, one was to be chosen to stay on as an employee - I wasn't it & so my contract ends 2/10/07.

I suspected, but was hoping that for once I was reading the words in the air wrong. Could have politicted it perhaps... but I really don't want it on those terms... anyway, that's that. It's always a hit, and a relief at the same time - dread and curiosity - what the heck am I going to do now?

Update the resume', dust off the shirt & tie & start interviewing again.

Got to get some more Guiness.


Anonymous said...

Cool! You get to slack for a bit.

Of course, as another database engineer contractor I know says, "nothing like staring down the barrel of a financial gun every morning to help me focus."


Van Harvey said...

Yeah, that's the bummer of it, unboundaried Slack teeters on the brink of desperation. Strange, you always need to know when the Slack time will end, in order to be able to enjoy it's being present.

Ah well, I'm now 6hrs, two beers and two scotch's unemployed and over slacked. Sounds like a good time to go to bed.