Thursday, October 16, 2008

Change you can count on

A Cuban who escaped to America, reminds us of the real changes "Change!" can bring.


Unknown said...

Really Van?? Obama as Castro??? Come on I thought you were better then that.

Van Harvey said...

Heh, right back at you Lance. Not so much Obama as Castro, but change for changes sake. No questions or discussions of Right or Wrong, only satisfaction at the expense of others, through Change!

Don't focus so much on Obama, but the message. Twenty years ago Teddy Kennedy was tittered at for pushing nat'l health care and windfall profit taxes were the worst of the worst that could be thought. Now both parties are pushing Nat'l Healthcare, and the Gov't has effectively nationalized the banking industry.

Though Obama intends to push that change at 10x the speed of McCain, I'm only urging for the poisoner with the smaller doses of poison. McCain's give little comfort, only less urgent fear (and truth be told, Pelosi is much scarier than Obama, thank God she's an idiot).

Look past the candidate, the party and the person, change is the message, and change for changes sake, not only bereft of principle, but with obfuscation... ('investment'?, 'patriotic duty'?, trick or treat), such change for changes sake, is change you can count on will be change for the worse.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Van!
I am on dial-up for the next few weeks (or more) because I have recently found out I can only use so much high speed internet per month, because the company (Wildblue) wants everyone to get their fair share.
And they also informed me they can arbitrarily change how much I can use it anytime they want.

How nice. Internet fascists.

But I get the main message of your post, and I do see the resemblence between Castro and Obama.

"Spread the wealth" Obama says.
He really is a Commiecrat. He really does believe he can spend our money more wisely than we can and make no mistakes, so do the majority of democrats and some republicans.

Lately, Obama has smeared Joe the plumber, for daring to ask a question. And why would Commiebama condemn all the vicious attacks from the MSM and all of his Leftist supporters, when he is leading the smears?

This entire election Obama has sought to silence any opposition, any contrary opinions, and the truth, of course, about his allies, the terrorists, the racists, and the America haters.

He might not be quite as bad as Castro, but he puts his jack boots on one at a time just like Castro.

Joe the plumber is a Veteran and he served his country.
Obama allegedly "thought about it" once.

And this Commiecrat has the gall to smear and attempt to destroy a man of honor?

Obama has no honor. I not only question his patriotism, I question his humanity.

Great post!

Sal said...

lately I've had this urge to re-read Sinclair Lewis's "It Can't Happen Here". Wonder why?