Friday, December 04, 2009

Their Ends Are Their Means!

I'm interrupting my posts for an update on what the true meaning of the Proregressive Left is all about... I don't know of a better way of illustrating my point, than by it's negative reflection here, in this Gateway Pundit post about our Safe Schools czar.

Scream. Yell. Demand heads on platters.

I've been saying for years now, that our problems began in the schools, and so they did.

If you are a leftist and you are shocked, then you need to look at what it is you think you believe, because this my friend is it! This graphic horror is a pure distillation of exactly what the left 'believes' and has always taught, it only shocks you now because it is without its camoflauge of 'intellectualism'.

What shocked our Grandparents, doesn't cause our children to blink, more likely they'll giggle and ask for more. Shock, inure, shock harder, inure again, repeat, rinse, do it again. Every time the Right thinks it has trounced the Left, they've been wrong, the left is only waiting for it's latest outrage to become the norm, before returning stronger than before.

The Proregressive Left raises it's head for a time, as with Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, then it crawls back down into the ground like Cicada's, where it reforms and returns as with something like FDR, then it hides again. Comes back with Jimmy Carter, hides... returns with Clinton... hides... but have you noticed, that the interim periods are becoming less and less their opposition?

Compare and contrast the clearly Classical Liberal conservatism of Calvin Coolidge, with the Govt friendly Eisenhower, with the progressive republican Nixon, Reagan only seemed a conservative resurgence because of his core message, but look at the programs and policies he also established... after all, he said he was an FDR Democrat, but the party left him to the Republican party... and that is indeed accurate. The Republican party of moved towards the left and cheerfully scooped up the stragglers who couldn't stomach the progressively exposed nature of the left. Bush 41 was even more less Right than Reagan. Bush 43 felt that 'destroying the free market in order to save it' was the pragmatic right thing to do.

How truth-full that is.

The left seems to hide, but it doesn't, not really, it only redoubles its strength in the schools. It slowly, then with increasing strength, injects it's venom in our intellectual bloodstream, and slowly but surely spreads the destruction of all Western Ideas and Ideals in it's wake.

This example of Obama's "Safe School Czar" is no an anomaly, it is not a slip up, it is just a very graphic example of what they have been teaching all along.

Their ends are their means.

We must arm ourselves with the only weapon that can have any lasting effect - Education, education in the vein of what those who founded this country knew it to be.

We don't have much time left, but I tell you, there is No progress possible as long as they have hold of our schools. And don't think your private school is an escape, for their teachers all come certified from the same leftist 'Teachers Schools' which were their first beachhead in our world.

We MUST Educate ourselves, and defeat them!

***Related Update***
Btw, this example of the wackademic administration of Washington University in St. Louis attempting to bully students who oppose the leftist line, is another example of the left in action. Always posturing as bastions of free speech, while stomping any opposing view to death at every opportunity.

Fight them!

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