Friday, April 16, 2010

Tea Party on tax day

Awesome day at the Tea Parties today.
The day began with several hundred in the early afternoon in St. Charles, and while the conservative estimate for the evening St. Louis Tea Party in Clayton was 1,800-2,200, from my vantage point, circulating through the crowd, signing people up for activist training, to be local block party captains, and to help ensure that the Nov. 2nd, 2010 election whacks the socialcrats at the ballot box, I put the number between 2,500-3,000, but no matter, an excellent turnout all the same.

We did have a couple of infiltraitors (correct spelling), but with the welcoming committee of folks like Adam Sharp of SharpElbows (video), they weren't feeling the love and soon skedaddled. Dana Loesch has a similar report with a repeat offender in St. Charles, and Jim Hoft has a post up on Gateway Pundit about other infiltraitors here and around the country... while it's true that you can't fix stupid, you can sure have fun laughing at them!

Jay Stewart

Michelle Moore of A Traditional Life Lived has the full evening online (I've got a few short clips below), including speeches from John Burns, Stephanie Rubach, Adam Sharp, Gina Loudon, Lyda Loudon, Jay Stewart, Jim Hoft, Mo Lt. Govenor Peter Kinder and a pair of particularly rousing efforts from St. Louis Tea Party founders Bill Hennessy & Dana Loesch. (If you're on Facebook, Keyboard Militia has some quality pictures)

MO Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder
Gina Loudon
Stephanie Rubach
John Burns

We got several score of tea partiers to sign up for duty on the front lines, as well as for training classes (check St. Louis Tea Party for upcoming info)... the kettle's on the burner, time to turn up the heat!

Two dad's with son's in bootcamp, myself and Bill Hennessy

Dana Loesch as the Tea Party winds down

Newly discovered New Dad to be, John Burns and myself packing up

I got to tag along to a local nightery for food and adult beverages, with the Loesch & Loudon families, John, Bill, Jay Stewart, and a few others which my feeble ability to recall names forces me to leave blank, but it was a fun end to a promising day. Even when winding down, there are still points to be made...

Some short video clips of the day:

Peter Kinder

Bill Hennessy

Jay Stewart

Gina Loudon

Dana Loesch


Unknown said...

Thanks for the pictures Van. Your group in Misery. (I may have spelled that wrong :) ) Seems to have much larger numbers and be more organized then any of the Oregon groups. But I could be wrong.

robinstarfish said...

Good stuff Van! Here's some images from our local turnout in Idaho...

Van Harvey said...

Lance "Your group in Misery..."

Heh... thanks Lance, but take a closer look at the pictures, no misery, we're smilling... growing and smilling.

Van Harvey said...

Hey Robin, now those are good pics... especially your Ben Franklin... and the fellow with the sidearm.

Growing and smilling!

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

The police estimated the crowd in Greensboro at 2000-2500, and considering many people were still at work, I'd say that was a good number...much larger than last year. More people are starting to get in the game.

By the by, great layout / presentation on this post. Also, I'm digging your globe top right. I told the Juju Woman that's what it would look like if a nuclear bomb was detonated close to us, and she said not to worry because the Supreme Idiot in Chief has unloaded our guns.

Have a good weekend.

diapered elmo said...

Oh goodies goodies!!! i've got me a whole new set of people who can see what an idiot i am!!!