Monday, April 25, 2011

Educational: One video is worth my 20,000 words

Teaching Your Children Treason
I've been writing a series of posts on Education, covering how it got so far afield from the system of Education which produced our Founding Father's generation, and what the key factors are which are driving us further still from it.

Some people felt I've gotten more worked up over the issue than need be.

You've surely heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps. But if that's the case, then a video is easily worth the 20,000 or so I've written so far.

Doesn't mean I'll stop of course... but I've gotta admit, it gets to the point a lot faster than I've been able to.
What point? Have a look at two 'educators' educating in just the fashion the modern system of education advocates from start to finish. In it you'll see, from Big Journalism & Big Government:

"Judy Ancel is the director of UMKC's Institute for Labor Studies.

Don Giljum is a lifetime union leader and proud member of the Communist Party. He is the business manager for the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) at Ameren UE.

In the class, the Professors not only advocate the occasional need for violence and industrial sabotage, they outline specific tactics that can be used. As one of our colleagues pointed out, its the matter-of-factness of it all that is so disturbing.

And yes, the schools, and the professors’ salaries, are funded by taxpayers."
If you dare stand up for this, I strongly suggest you do so well out of arms reach from me. And I'll warn you, I can lunge. Pretty damn fast.

Hanah Arendt had a term for describing Adolph Eichmann, in his trial for masterminding genocide as a Nazi, and it caused quite a stir at the time; her term for his competent middle manager demeanor was the “banality of evil”.

It still fits. And it's more terrifying than any movie monster could ever be. It requires no special effects to operate, requires no suspension of disbelief to be taken in by. It simply requires you and me to stand by and do nothing.

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Joan of Argghh! said...

How is that not an abuse of young people's mind and spirit? To subject them to such odious and harmful (possibly physically dangerous) ideas seems just as harmful as to intimidate them with verbal shame or exploit them with sexual advances.

Hellish business we're headed into, Van.

Anonymous said...

So when groups collectively bargain for their own better well being, that's good. But when an individual person or entity do something for their own good, that's "greed". (My own interpretation, there.)

Where do these people come from??? And how do they sleep at night? Advocating for violent militarism against the established Capitalist system.

And translation for "the working class": under-educated, low-skilled peon that can't make it as an exec.

Van Harvey said...

Anonymous said "Where do these people come from??? And how do they sleep at night? Advocating for violent militarism against the established Capitalist system."

From our schools. As this makes clear, this is the thinking that not only is behind our modern schooling ideals, they are the unavoidable result of them. That's the point I'm getting to in my last several posts, and those coming (so much for 3 or 4 posts. Sheesh.)

On Missouri Education Watchdog, one commentator dismissed it all because the video was edited and presented by Andrew Breitbart, and therefore not only illegitimate, but de-legitimized Gretchen and Missouri Education Watchdog.

Aside from the fire hazard which stuffing all that straw into one comment creates, it is entirely beside the point. The point is that an an avowed communist, Don Giljum is 'team teaching' a college class.

If that doesn't infuriate you, you really need to look into the history of communism and you don't even need to look at Stalin & Mao, look at what they say they want to do here. They've been stating it out in the open enough lately, check out P/O'ed Patriot, he's got hours of unedited material on hand where they, and I believe Giljum included, declare that property rights must be eradicated and the rich thrown down along with the Constitution of the United States of America.

What that means to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, is extinction.


If that isn't child abuse Joan, I don't know what it. And you're right, a hellish mess is coming... soon.

philmon said...

Does saying "bourgeiose" over and over make them feel "intuhlekchewal" or something?

I can't listen to these people for more than a very few minutes. It makes me nauseous.

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

@ Joanie and Van...this hellish mess is already affecting everyone I know in some form or fashion. Seriously.

Maybe selling sunscreen on a beach in the islands is an option. Heck if I know, but I do know there are troubled times ahead.

It has started.