Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Newspaper is terrified of a commenter, but just fine with their guest columnist communist professor

The Kansas City Star, with such abysmal syncronicity not seen since the New York Times published an article by Weather Underground terrorist turned teacher, Bill Ayers, with a photo of his boot on the American flag (hey, might there be a connection here?) ... on the morning of 9/11; published a guest commentary yesterday by Judy Ancel, she who had a starring role in my previous posts video (courtesy of Big Journalism and Big Government), saying how wonderful, liberating and jobs promoting it would be to continue to force people to join unions in order to work at a company that had been forced to accept being unionized.

The Kansas City Star, however, showing their journalistic integrity, and the resulting yellow streak down their backs which that presumes, deleted the quickie comment I made to that article. Lucky for you, I can reproduce it here (and fix my typo), which I began by quoting a line from her commentary:

"Tell the backers of SB 1 to stop offering deceptive nonsolutions and start working to enact policies to create good jobs — the only basis for a prosperous economy."

Would that be created through the non-deceptive methods of 'co-teaching' with communists like Don Giljum? Or by non-deceptively promoting sabotaging our businesses and using "Violence as a tactic" to the children we send to you to be 'educated'?

Missouri Education Watchdog has some transcriptions of ms. ancel's comments in the videos on her post.

If these people aren't made to feel cautious about promoting communism to our children... then they will succeed in promoting communism to our children.
No vitriol, no profanity, no insults, just using her words to express my opinion. For a 'newspaper' to delete such opposing views simply because they are opposing, is shameful. We wont' get into the fact that they consider such views to be opposing views.

If you think this is happening only in Missouri (Universities or Newspapers)... you are definitely not from the Show-Me state.

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