Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chess-eckers - Easy questions and hard answers

♫ ♪ ♬ What are words for, when no one listens anymore.... ♬ ♪ ♫
If I ask how to best win a game, the easy answer is: with a winning strategy.

M'kay, true enough.
If I ask how to overcome a lie, the easy answer is: with the truth.

Yep, also true.


What if you sat down to a tournament game of Checkers, and in between moves and conversation, the game was transformed into Chess, and the chess pieces are only identified with a coded label under each piece... and if you touch a piece, you have to move it? And those crowded around to watch your game are not only fine with that and agree with that, but deny it was ever different and they won't let you change the game back or quit it?

Now, how do you overcome the lies surrounding you, what is the winning strategy, when the crowd watching you are as much a part of the game as the pieces on the board?

Maybe the first step is realizing that those gathered around the game, are not the only ones in the room - there are many more who came to the tournament, but who lost interest when they saw the game had changed.

In our world, those gathered around the table, 'educators', press, intellectuals, political players, all insist on playing the transformed game, and they don't intend to allow you to stop playing.

They are outnumbered, but they are outnumbered by people who don't know that, people who are either not willing to play the game, or who when they look up, see only those standing around the table, and don't realize that "WE" surround "THEM".

People like Glenn Beck and Hank Williams say to stop trying to figure out which piece is which, stop playing the transformed game, return to playing Checkers. But the problem is that that requires everyone out there, to stop going on living their lives, and stand up, deny the game has changed, and push them away from the table.

Problem is that those standing around the table are armed.

Are you?

I don't mean with guns, but with ideas.

Those standing around the tables are armed with the words they've put into your head - they control what your words mean, not only do they refuse to allow you to use any others, you don't have the words or ideas necessary to expose them, and you react, you dance, to the words and tunes they call.

  • They yell RACIST!!! and you react.
    You're NOT a racist, but you don't want to be called one, so you don't say or do what you were thinking of doing because you don't want to be called that.
  • They yell FASCIST!!! and you react.
    You're NOT a fascist, but you don't want to be called one, so you don't say or do what you were thinking of doing because you don't want to be called that.
  • They yell HOMOPHOBE!!! and you react.
    You're NOT a homophobe, but you don't want to be called one, so you don't say or do what you were thinking of doing because you don't want to be called that.
THEY are armed with your own mind, and they are using it against you.

They've sold their idea of what the game is, they've sold the idea that you have to analyze what each piece is by some hidden feature that only some select and credentialed few know about, but don't you dare touch a piece, or you'll be committed to moving it - RACIST!!! FASCIST!!! HOMOPHOBE!!!

Ask Hank Williams if you don't know what I mean.

A friend nailed it earlier this morning: "The issue is the defense of our free market system."

Absolutely yes. Part of that defense requires that we stop aiding the assault upon it. It is, and always was, the Free Market - stop calling it anything else. Capitalism was the term Marx popularized because it took the idea of Freedom off the table, and painted the entire system as a tool of money management.

Unless you like being a 'Human Resource', stop calling it Capitalism, and call it by what we all expect it to be: The Free Market. Only the later will allow you to live your own life.
Another touched on the issue when he said we don't have a bogeyman anymore... we can see him, we can see him shitting all over our flag right in front of our faces, but we aren't able to identify him. It's like we're stumbling around after the Tower of Babel, none of our words identifies them for what they are, none of them raises an alarm - too many people think all of our words and names mean something else.

I am as Frustrated as hell. I'm trying to tell my friends and neighbors that those people they think 'mean well' are latent murderers - not because they intend to, but because they are acting under the power of ideas that will end up driving them to slaughter their children in front of their faces.

He doesn't understand a God damn thing I'm saying.

People came out in droves to fight a socialist bill in D.C., but I can hardly get them to raise an eyebrow over actual communists taking over their city squares.
We sat down to the game of life with the Constitution and Natural Rights, and we find ourselves sitting at a game with a living dead set of constitutional interpretations and a Czarfull of political regulatory agencies.

We need to stop playing the game. That's obvious. How?

Hank Williams song is being downloaded like crazy. Maybe I'm just talking to the wrong people. It seems that some people out there still understand what plain words mean.

How do we get them back in the game? Help me get them back in the game. Hey! You! Yeah, that's right, I'm talking TO YOU!

Get in the game, and do it now, because these people are not playing around.

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