Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Waitin' on duh O: STL Tea Party and the Friends of Obama

St. Louis Tea Party and friends came out to greet President Obama, and to thank him for the $100 Million stimulus funds he earmarked for Congressmen Russ Carnahan's brother, Tom. And of course the Presidents fans came along to turn what had been a good natured civil protest, into a disgusting display of the proregressive left's true character.

Jim Hoft getting behind Mizzou College Republicans
St. Louis Tea Party alum's Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft, CNN & Big Journalism's Dana Loesch, and Hennessy's View Bill Hennessy, Po'ed Patriot's Patch Adams and SharpElbow's Adam Sharp as well as Michelle Moore of A Traditional Life Lived and Brian Bollmann of The Rockin' Conservative were on hand.

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder was on hand, as was Martin Baker, candidate for Missouri's 1st Congressional District... and it's about time that district tried electing a conservative candidate, sixty years? With Martin they'll finally have a hope of getting some real change - look around you folks - you need it!
Missouri Congressional Candidate Martin Baker
President Obama was of course late, as usual, I had to leave to pick my wife up at the airport, right as the motorcade was arriving... and before the fun really got going.
Michelle Moore and Dana Loesch

A crowd of Obama supporters hadn't heard about the new tone, or didn't care (shock); they'd been circling us for awhile, offering some off color commentary on what they thought of a diversity of ideas, but once their leader arrived they left no doubt that they'd never change for the good, as they crudely cussed out GOP Candidate Martin Baker, apparently he's supposed to support their guy because their skin color is a similar tone - racist much?
GOP Candidate Martin Baker keeps his cool as Obamanuts lose theirs - get the details in Dana Loesh's story

Mizzou College Republicans drove down from Columbia
to tell President Obama to keep his change
Po'ed Patriot and SharpElbows' have some appalling video of ObamaNut supporters in full display of what passes for leftist grace and manners...let me put it this way They didn't just paint the words on a rock, get the picture? But vile name calling and threats are what we've come to expect from the hope and change set. Seems as if it's beyond the capacity of the proregressive leftist Obamabots to grasp that some people have different IDEAS, ideas which are not based upon the color of their skin, but that are determined by the content of their character... and their brains.

The content of their character just shines through, doesn't it?

Adam Sharp looking for the story... Jim Hoft
wondering what the story is with Bill Hennessy's hat
UPDATE: Michelle Moore has video from the event, speeches and Chris Loesch singing the National Anthem acapella - it was awesome, the man can sing... and of course my phone video started late and then failed in the middle of it. #$%@.

The only green vehicle this administration is likely to ever see... but at least what they both produce is very similar... in the end.

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