Sunday, November 20, 2011

The After Party #3 – Occupy your own world the old fashioned way – by living in it!

Thanks to everyone who came out last Thursday evening for the third St. Louis Tea Party, After Party.
We had an easy 100+ people turn out, this time at The Sky Music Lounge.

In addition to STLTP regulars Bill Hennessy, Dana Loesch, Michelle Moore, Adam Sharp, Jen E., Brian Bollmann, Darin M, Adam Bohn, we also had Frieda Keogh on hand to give a brief talk on the MOPP project, Missouri Precinct Project, which is working to mop up politics in Missouri, in general by,

  • Signing up more voters 
  • Increasing voter turn out
  • Educating people on their local government issues for – city, fire dist, school board, etc
, and more specifically by rebuilding the GOP from the ground up, replacing political machinists with constitutionally minded conservatives.

Through your efforts in the Precinct project, we can begin making our presence felt at the smallest division of local government, the Precinct captain.
Most of these positions are unfilled, but they play an important part in deciding who is appointed for local, state and even federal offices… fill them with constitutional conservatives.

Take a look at MOPP, and if you aren’t in Missouri, there are links that can help you with finding, or starting your own precinct project in your area... and you do want to do that, because I'm betting that your area doesn't look much different than our area, at least in this aspect:
"Did you know in the 2010 election, which was supposed to be an important election, 1.8 million Missourians voted out of a total registered voting population of 4.1 million, or 44%. Don’t you think we can do better than that. We don’t know the percentage of registered voters that are Republicans but without a doubt we should be able to increase voter turnout by 10-15% from conservative voters that support conservative principals.
One of the other goals of MOPP is to have conservative individuals running for Committemen and women in their respective Townships across the state. These are the individuals that form the party structure that determines the candidates for local and statewide offices. It is imperative that all of these positions are filled with constitutional conservatives to start turning our country back to a Jeffersonian Republic."
Michelle Moore MC'ing
Frieda Keogh MOPP'ing up

The After Party after party munchies with Me, Rick T., Shadowy Burns, Bill Hennessy, Chris Loesch, Dana Loesch & Adam Bohn

Why Bother?
Look at the news, we’ve got anarchists, communists & thugs occupying parks and city centers around the nation.

Why? Because they’re idiots. Figuratively speaking.

They believe in central planning, using the force of government to force your compliance with their desires. The effect of that, is the exact opposite of the Free Market, instead of enabling millions of individuals to live their own lives, make their own decisions, produce their own wealth and take advantage of the productive decisions taken by every other person who is personally involved in their lives and businesses... they instead insist that the decisions of a select, bureaucratic few, be followed by all, effectively removing the intelligence of millions of individuals from the market, and forcing them all to live on the little wealth that can be produced by the distant and disconnected decisions of a few bureaucrats.

Like I said. Idiots.

Are you really going to let idiots occupy your world? Your neighborhood? Your life?

What is the ultimate message of the Tea Party and of MOPP?

Occupy your world. You can do that by occupying the political system which controls the world. Do that by occupying the means by which your neighborhood is represented within it, by meeting and involving your neighbors in your own neighborhood. Do that, so that you can again occupy your own life.

Isn't it worth it?

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