Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dear Rom and Non-Rom'rs calling for candidate X to drop out: Shut The Hell Up. Thank you.

Dear Rom and Non-Rom'rs calling for candidate X to drop out of the GOP race for the party's nomination for POTUS; it's really nice and swell that you've decided that your candidate is THE candidate. It's nice that you think that your candidate should be THE nominee... I think the rest of us  kind of figured that that was your opinion when you decided to support them... yeah, we've got our clever moments too... now and then. But you know what? There just might be some others out there who disagree with you.

Yep. Hard to believe as that is, see all those people out there who are still sporting signs and bumper stickers for their favorite Rom/Non-Rom candidate? THEY all think that THEIR candidate should be THE nominee, and I'm pretty sure that they probably think it'd be a swell idea if YOUR candidate dropped out 'for the good of the party'!

Amazing, isn't it?

What you need to consider, is that the Primary system was set up so each state could hold a primary, so that each state could have its say... and you know what? Some of our 50 (Yep, count 'em, FIFTY states (No Barack, not 57, sit back down please)) haven't had their primaries yet.

Now, on the other hand, if you want to say that you think that perhaps the primary system has proven itself somewhat less than the most efficient method for giving the people a voice in selecting their party's candidate, I'm right there with you. But until we settle upon a better method, it may not be the nominating system we'd like to go to election with, but it is the one we actually have, and you've got to go to election with the nominating system you've got, not the one you wish you had.

So until we do declare the extended primary system to be a failure and settle upon a new one, how about you just shut the hell up, umkay?

Thank you.


Unknown said...

Finally, something that we can agree on. :)

freespeak said...

Right on.

Anonymous said...

AMEN! Brother

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