Thursday, April 12, 2012

Don't mistake the holding action for The War - hold the line. Galvanize.

A very quick post before heading out the door. For those who are whining and think they've got it rough because the Tea Party hasn't magically transformed the transformation in one easy election cycle, here's a polite slap for you, from Dana Loesh on Breitbart:
"... Yesterday I received a few hundred emails and less than half, but still a sizable amount, talked of giving up, taking their ball, and going home. We speak a lot of the Founding Fathers and their accomplishments but focus little on their fire and most importantly, dedication. The Revolutionary War took over eight years. The revolutionary movement which preceded the war began ten years prior. The shoes of Revolutionary soldiers were worn through, if they had shoes, and their supplies were in meager. This was during the winter, even, when men suffered through illness and freezing temperatures. Many died from the elements. Still, they persevered and eventually won America's liberty. That wasn't the end, however; as Thomas Jefferson said, the price of liberty is eternal vigilance and our resolve to fight for those freedoms was called upon multiple times afterward... "
Some of my friends have been looking for ways to herd our conservative cats into one, streamlined, focused response to the Obamao agenda. It doesn't work that way. Focus yourself, fight what you can see needs to be righted, don't try and lessen a fellow fighters vision by forcing them to use your glasses, your near sighted lenses won't help them when they're correcting their vision for farsightedness.
"You have to change the people first and then the politicians will change... The greatest mistake that we are making as a movement is to ignore this. We fight the symptom and not the cause. We try to destroy the bullets without taking out the gun that fired them. "
Whoever the nominee is, we support him. Of course. Even if he wins little will change. Which is one hell of a lot better than a massive change for the worse. But as long as laws are thought of as rules, we'll have 'Conservative!'s' talking about saving Social Security.

There are several battles to be fought. Media is a huge part of it. "We try to destroy the bullets without taking out the gun that fired them", but there's also the industrial base which manufactures the guns, which needs to be taken out , which is the educational system. And behind that, those who provide the intellectual funding for that industrial base, the philosophers (misosophers) and intellectuals.

The assault on America began before it was born. The invasion began shortly afterwards. It came to our shores through the educational systems, starting in the universities, then through the teachers they manufactured (and our agricultural system in the same move), then through the writers and entertainers they shot out. Then the politicians who pandered to what the electorate found entertaining.

It's taken them over two hundred years to get to where they are, and we've got to fight them on all of these fronts just to lose our ground more slowly.

We are going to have to retake the same ground they took, in roughly the same order, to effect any true and lasting change.

The good news is that we don't have to begin as they did, from scratch. We already have a proven and tested philosophy and culture available to us, stretching back from our Founders through Blackstone to Locke to Aquinas to Cicero to Aristotle, on the one hand, and the Greco-Roman/Judeo-Christian culture on the other.

We also have reality and truth on our side, which our enemies acknowledge every time they try to attack us using what we believe in in order to do it ("Justice for Trayvon!" relies upon our idea of Justice, in order to bamboozle us into supporting their idea of injustice).

Samuel Adams, the Father of the American Revolution, began the revolution about 15 years before the Revolution began in 1776, and he began it virtually alone, and he did so by talking to people. Talking to his co-workers and friends and neighbors, warning them about the tyranny that was coming and their lack of understanding of the principles they thought they could continue to benefit from without understanding and employing in their daily lives.

I place us at our point in time now, somewhere early in that period that Sam Adams struggled through, which means that we haven't even begun to have the difficult struggle yet.

Hunker down. Galvanize. Learn what you can. Talk about it. Put it into practice.

Whoever the Republican nominee is, no matter how uninspiring he is, no matter how unprincipled he is, support him. Don't make the mistake of thinking you are supporting him and his ideas, you are fighting to lose less ground. You are fighting to gain time so that you and your fellows who are fighting the real war: In the universities, in the entertainment industry, in the media, in the schools, in your neighborhood, can gain ground, get a foot hold, and eventually take the War to those who have been fighting us for centuries, and take our nation back.

Quite your poor pitiful me schtick. Galvanize yourself. Don't mistake the holding action for The War - hold the line. Galvanize.


mushroom said...

Good words, man. I have been on enough hopeless projects to be well acquainted with despair; nevertheless, as we press on, we accomplish all or almost all of what we started.

I understand those who want to give up. I have that feeling a lot. But, as you say, the fight has not really started yet, and the media is the hill we have to take.

Jess said...

I agree. Nobody fills the shoes of the perfect leader, but allowing the shoes to remain on a failed leader only leads to more failure.

The things we're now seeing were being observed and reported by few back in the late 70's. Many of the people that were involved with stopping this madness are probably gone, or living what's left of their life in ruin, due to the efforts of progressive followers.

Now, millions are upset, looking for leadership and wondering what to do. Your post gives them the directions.