Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One shot across the bow, and two shots in the foot

Quite the 24hr period.

In Colorado, some few citizens, turned into grassroots activists when rightfully offended at the thought of their political representatives usurping their fundamental rights as human beings, initiated and carried out an historic political accomplishment. One of them was on Dana Loesch's radio show today, talking about how they managed the recall of two state senators, one the majority leader of the senate, and explained their historic political accomplishment in words to the effect of:
"None of us are political scientists or anything, just Plumbers, HVAC workers, guys who just identify a problem and solve it."
An amazing accomplishment, and a true strike for the 2nd Amendment in particular, and for all of our rights in general - a strike against the lawmakers, rather than The Law itself.

Then we have the Show-Me state of Missouri, where, with a Republican majority in BOTH the House and the Senate, failed to override the Dem. Gov's veto of a very much needed tax cut.

A tax cut. The signature issue of the GOP was presented to our state legislature; with the Speaker of the House and a majority in the House, the Leader in the Senate and a majority in the Senate, they were presented with a signature GOP solution to our problem, and they were still unable to identify the problem and solve it.

Every single one of them understand that cutting onerous taxes enables greater prosperity and rising revenue for the state. And yet they allowed their emotional reaction to baseless fears and threats ('If you cut taxes, we'll cut 'education'!) to sway them from doing what they, everyone of them, knew to be right.

Not only did they know the tax cut to be right, but they voted for it, before they voted against it! These 17 schmucks are the John Kerrys of Missouri!

On the other hand, those selfsame political 'wise men', allowed themselves to be swayed by what is popularly thought to be a defense of the 2nd Amdt, yet is not only flawed but provocatively unconstitutional and destructive to the very rights it purports to defend.

Imagine that. Quite the contrast, isn't it? Political neophytes accomplish a near political impossibility, and professional politicians equipped with rare double majority power, couldn't accomplish what should have been a very, very, simple task.

Imagine something else.

If you imagine that these craven sots you've put in elective office to represent you, who can't even represent what they believe, let alone what they ought to understand, if you think that they are going to restore anything but their own power, at your expense... well... Show Me the fool who believes that, and I'll show you your future.
I sent two tweets early in the day,
, and
Sadly these few at least couldn't manage to read the meaning even one way. If you would prefer to show yourself a brighter future, you'd do well to find replacements for these fifteen intelligent idiots who wouldn't even overturn the one veto of HB 253 that every political bone in their body should have screamed out to them to do.

IOW, these are the people that Primaries are made for:
You can reach those fifteen GOP legislators for further comment:
Paul Fitzwater- Mo. 144
Sue Entlicher- Mo 133
Dennis Fowler- Mo 151
Lyndall Fraker- Mo 137
Elaine Gannon- Mo 115
Kent Hampton- Mo 163
Jeff Messenger- Mo 130
Donna Pfautsch- Mo 201
Lyle Rowland- Mo 155
Don Phillips- Mo 062
Craig Redmon Mo 001
Mike Thomson Mo 004
David Wood Mo 058
Lynn Morris Mo 140
Nate Walker Mo 003

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