Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A few daring old questions that keep cropping up.

Recent posts from friends & family ranging from legalizing drugs, to vile insults posing as self-righteousness wit and on to risking or abusing other peoples lives for their own good, prompts a few questions worth asking:
  • Do you have the right to live your own life, or not?
  • Do you have the right to use the govt to live other people's lives for them, or not?

  • Does it matter how sure you are that you'll improve their lives?
  • Does it matter how sure they feel they are about improving your life?

  • Are drugs the only area of our lives these questions apply to?

  • If you haven't bothered to understand what your rights, and govt's limits, are, what's the likelihood that those with the power to violate them, for your own good (and theirs), will be bothered about violating them?

  • Does expecting others to respect your rights, require anything in return from you?
If these questions haven't overwhelmed you, here's a couple posts I pursued them a bit further on:
The next time you give your support, or opposition, to someone's political opinion, ask yourself these questions.

"...poor your-ick..."
I dare you.

I double-dare you to take the next step and ask them these quesitons.


mushroom said...
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mushroom said...

Interesting. I had to go in for a dental checkup early this morning, and I was listening to the local talk radio station regarding the issue of mandated reporters.

One of the callers was almost certainly a social services worker or something similar. We have to threaten people with jail if they don't report suspected child abuse because it is for the children. And, of course, making it an enforceable legal statute means that the mandatory reporters get the all-important training. She didn't say who did the training, but I imagine there is a whole parasitic structure set up to accomplish this. It's probably a government function, and government never gets anything wrong.

I'm a horrible person to even question this concept.