Monday, November 21, 2016

To the Not-Right: Two Things Briefly

I'll take a moment to offer up that rarest of things from me, a very brief post, directed to the Not-Right, and those seeking to profit from them.
Two things: 
1) If you see yourself as part of a group that believes that Western Civilization and American Exceptionalism are in any meaningful way the products of race, or dependent upon race, or that race in any way does or even can determine your membership in, or entitlements to their benefits, you not only do not understand the culture you claim to care about, but you are in fact actively acting in an anti-American manner and you place yourself outside of the boundaries of The West.
2) If you willfully accuse, slur or tar others as holding such views, based upon little more than hearsay and your own fervent political passions and prejudices, you are nearly as repugnant to me as those of the first group.

Now all of you, get the hell off my lawn.

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