Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Obamacare Violates My Right To Pursue The Healthcare I Choose!

Merry Christmas Sen. Grinch
A hundred Tea Partying Missourians laugh at obama's JokerOur Govt is infringing on our Right to pursue the healthcare we may, or may not, choose. I drug my self out of bed today (I've been flat on my back since Saturday with one nasty cold), and headed downtown on a drizzly winter day, to join a hundred or so of my fellow Missourians, to let our Senator, Claire "Obama's Joker" McCaskill, know that we know that their abominable healthcontrol bill is a VIOLATION of our Rights, not a fulfillment of them!
Radical ol' Me (Kleenex in pocket)

The Gunslinger recently made a post which I very much agree with, from the point of view of the proper expectations a person has towards getting healthcare - what the Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, etc, offer is a Good - those healthcare goods and services, and while I may need them, and while I do have a right to negotiate to purchase them if I, and they, choose, neither I, nor anyone else, have any right whatsoever to take or compel them to provide those goods and services to me.

I can have no Right to what is rightfully someone elses - I have no Right, individually, or through the agency of Govt, to force someone else to serve me - not at any price. That is slavery - and we already spilt the blood of millions in a war to end that.

But do I have a Right to Healthcare?

Yes, I do. And it IS guaranteed by our Constitution... just not in the way that proregressives would have us think.

Our Constitution says so, in the 9th amendment,

"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."
and in the 10th amendment,

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."
, it makes it very clear that my Rights are unlimited, and it is the powers of our Govt that are VERY limited. These amendments mean that the Rights which We The People have, are not limited by what the Constitution states, or by those rights it protects; our Rights are assumed to be numerous and undefined... even potentially unlimited.

I, as a citizen of the United States of America, have a right to eat, I have a right to shelter, I have a right to wear clothes that are out of fashion (if I can get them by my wife), I have a right to purchase cable TV... once they offer it in our neighborhood... until then, I have a right to dish tv... if they'll sell it to me at a reasonable price... I have a Right to engage in the pursuit of whatever goods, services, or lifestyle, I choose to seek, etc, etc, etc.

Whether or not I succeed in those pursuits is up to me, the others involved, and the vagaries of chance.

I, as an individual, have a right to act as I see fit, providing that I do not violate the rights of my fellow citizens, proper community ordinances, regulations or laws, without interference from my government.

Our Bill of Rights, enumerates those vital rights of speech, association, property, religion, trial and right to bare arms, which the Founders demanded, as a condition of ratifying our Constitution, that our govt be specifically prohibited from interfering with us in our legitimate exercise thereof.

Our Govt pledges to defend our Rights, Lives and Property from all enemies, foreign and domestic; it does NOT guarantee to provide us with any good or service - no matter how beneficial it may be - because in doing so it would violate all of our Rights. Our Bill of Rights restrains our Govt from interfering in our rightful engagement in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - our current leftist congress and executive, are seeking to turn the United States of America, into the greatest violator of Rights in history. It is an obamination, and must be stopped, and the elections of 2010 and 2012 will be the means for doing so.

What the proregressives in our Govt, like my Senator Claire McCaskill, fail to realize, is that their hideous HealthControl Bill, is a direct violation of my right to the healthcare I may, or may not, seek to pursue, and I resent it... I resent it so much, that I am working right now for their defeat in every election from here on out.

I, and a hundred or so of my fellow Missourians, got together today to remind our Senator that she is violating our Rights as American Citizens to life, liberty and the pursuit of what we deem to be our happiness!
Laughable caroller's - video coming

Our hillariously horrible Carolling... the last round of "12 days of obamacontrol

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Anonymous said...

Well written Van. I'm glad you are feeling better.

I'm disturbed that the government now feels it is more important to purchase health care for my family than food. I wonder how many people will lose work because of these idiots? I wonder how many will now go hungry because of this required purchase? I'm just glad it isn't going to cost anything.

Tom Seest

xlbrl said...

My elderly Cuban friend visits Cuba once a year. He tells me they eat twice a day--but the food is free. When the food truck misses the village, they eat but once, and nobody complains, But then again, he noticed for the first time this last trip that no one was left with the understanding of gratitude, no one ever said thank you, that this was a concept which had finally been eradicated after fifty years. There is no gratitute because everything is expected, even as you are told what to expect as well.

My friend is a very tough man-- tough in the terms of his generation, beyond what we are familiar with. But for the first time, he was haunted, he was afraid. He realized an entire culture was extinguished, that it could not come back.

Van Harvey said...

Tom said "I wonder how many people will lose work because of these idiots?"

Hey thanks Tom, glad you stopped in.

The damage will be widespread, no doubt... I'm just enjoying the leading edge of it at the moment. If schools even bothered making a pretence of wanting to Educate their students, they'd study things like Bastiat's
What Is Seen and What Is Not Seen... but then of course... that'd put them out of business.

"I'm just glad it isn't going to cost anything."

Heh, painfully Lol!

Van Harvey said...

Xlbrl said "There is no gratitute because everything is expected, even as you are told what to expect as well"

Our buddy de Tocqueville, in searching for what made America unique, said "...Nature offers the solitudes of the New World to Europeans; but they are not always acquainted with the means of turning her gifts to account. Other peoples of America have the same physical conditions of prosperity as the Anglo-Americans, but without their laws and their manners; and these peoples are wretched. The laws and manners of the Anglo-Americans are therefore that efficient cause of their greatness which is the object of my inquiry. "

, which the left is earnestly working on stamping out every last vestige of... note the special mockery and viciousness they direct to those who dress neatly, stand upright, and speak and act with good manners - flip on any sitcom for an example, that person will always be a buffoon or a hypocritical fraud.

"He realized an entire culture was extinguished, that it could not come back."

Poor Cuba, had no one to defend her.

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

I do not practice Constitutional Law, but I can read and interpret. The Constitution is pretty straightforward. You are absolutely correct, the Government is infringing on our Right to pursue the healthcare we may, or may not, choose.

Our country is is in deep trouble, and I wish there was more I could do to resist our elected know, the one's who vote for a bill they haven't read, the one's who are basically accepting bribes and selling their states out. I'm so pissed I can't see straight.