Friday, June 04, 2010

First Amendment On Fire

Doesn’t look like I’m going to have time to finish the post I’m working on before the weekend, but I wanted to pass on something I was tipped off to this morning by Susannah, and it is one the more ominous events of the last few years, certainly one of the most depressing ones for the future of Freedom and Liberty.

To all of you leftists out there, please, if there’s even a shred of liberal understanding left within you, please tell me that even just the name of this program fills you with dread,
“The Federal Trade Commission just released what it called “Potential Policy Recommendations to Support the Reinvention of Journalism,”
... and hopefully anger?! Hello... First Amendment?! Seriously?

If it doesn’t.. look at it this way (as I asked you to in a previous post), when the party in the Whitehouse changes, as it eventually will, do you really want those you consider to be evil, nasty, tyrants – Conservatives (maybe even religious Conservatives!)– to be in control of a ‘reinvented’ journalism? And how about when you add Net Neutrality on top of that (my posts on it from last year here..., here ...and here)?

Please, everyone out there - STOP looking at the Constitution as a document favoring the Right or Left, it is what makes a Right AND Left possible - without it, there will be only One... and Freedom and Liberty will be only those things which they decree to be 'good'.

Stop looking for evil politicians of either party to fear and rail at; start looking closely at those in yours who want only to 'do good' without restraint... if you know anything of the history of Washington D.C., that should strike fear into your heart.


Sumit said...

I really liked the post a lot. These are the words of a true American and this will enlighten the hearts of all the Americans.

Unknown said...

Good stuff Van, I am thinking about using some of this on my blog on Monday if it is okay with you.

Van Harvey said...

Lance said "...I am thinking about using some of this on my blog on Monday if it is okay with you."

Absolutely fine with me, and thanks Sumit.

xlbrl said...

It would seem the liberal understands instinctively that his abuse of power versus the conservative abuse of power is a contest that is working out very well for him. You give both far too much credit, and not enough.

xlbrl said...

Or, as Takuan Sieyo points out, a chip that has been molded to oscillate only at one frequency cannot be made to vibrate to another.