Sunday, September 12, 2010

9/12 Blow Out at the Arch

The 9/12 event at the St. Louis Arch started the night before with unloading 10,000 bottles of water, and a lot of prep work by volunteers from here in St. Louis and from across the country... and picked right back up at 7:00 a.m. this morning and continued on non-stop.

10,000 bottle water brigade
I had a great crew of about 40 volunteers, and 6 other committe heads each had about the same... it was a great success from the everyone pitching in end - so many people seeing what needed to be done, & doing it, when we 'leaders' were sidetracked with the minutia needed to keep the process going.

Almost show time
I was moivng too much to take many pictures (see Dana Loesch & Jim Hoft's Gateway Pundit & Sharp Elbows for some really good shots), got to meet David Limbaugh, and others... Dick Morris was there as well, and our local St. Louis Tea Party founders Dana Loesch, Bill Hennessy, Gina Louden and so many more kept the day poppin'.

John Burns & Dana Loesch welcoming the moonbats
Can't fix stupid - but you can make them feel welcome!
And of course there were idiot moonbats exhorting us to 'think outside the fox' (what wit), and a few George Soros flunkies trying to pretend to be Tea Party people - when I asked one 'where our rights came from' and they answered the Supreme Court, it was time to get out the "Stupid is not with us" signs, which we used to welcome so many. Adam Sharpe of "SharpeElbows" was out in force as well - a good time was had by all.

Sounding Fathers Rocked!
BTW, as someone who played "We're not going to take it!" more times than I'd like to remember, back when it was still a top 40 hit, Chris Loesch and the Sounding Father's gave one of the most energized performances of it - band and crowd - that I've ever seen.

Some of the 12,000 Tea Partiers forming the Gateway to November
I'm so beat, sunburned and spent I can barely type... but it was a good day for and easy 12,000 happy folk to get together and send the message to Washington D.C. that, as Jim Hoft said "We can see November from our stage!"

To all the volunteers from St. Louis & around the country who helped pull this off... Thank You!


Joan of Argghh! said...

Brains and brawn! Hubba!

Good report. I'm so glad there are some folks in St.Louis who aren't lobotomized SEIU thugs.

Sal said...

What Joan said. With extra fries.

That sure looked like the place to be.

Remember November. Thanksgiving is going to be SWEET this year.

wv: mompup, double palindrome

GRHutch said...

To All the volunteers, to Dana Loesch, Hennesy and all of the organizers: One very large debt of gratitude for this. I am voting to Recycle the government. It also great to know that I am not alone
in my disgust at the direction the Dems have and are taking .

God Bless America, You and Tours.

mushroom said...

I don't care what the ladies say, Van, you are still not as cute as Dana.

Rick said...

I don't know who you guys are talkin about but that dude Moi has some serious guns.

Rick said...

I mean, meat hooks.

Van Harvey said...

Heh... I'm pretty sure it's an optical illusion... but my wife said the same thing, & my daughter snapped the shot... so... I'm willing to allow them their illusions.


Rick said...

I want the name, rank and serial number of that camera, so I can get one for my wife.

julie said...

Re. how it looks, with Firefox on a Mac it's a nice layout.

Van Harvey said...

Thanks Julie, that was one I had no way of checking on.

Ricky, I hate to break it to you... but it's a PocketPC's camera... it doesn't work for people who go over to the Mac side.


BTW... after Joan, Sal & my wife's comments... I'm thinking maybe it's time to switch my profile pic.


Van Harvey said...

Gene, thanks much!

(And Mushroom, yep, I'm with you on that one!)

JP said...


The pictures are fine, but my Internet Explorer is garbling the comments on the left sidedar.

I actually visited St. Louis once about two years ago. I stayed in some hotel/conference center that was a converted train station of some sort.

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

Good job man. Also, looks like the Tea Party had a good night, last night. We the people can affect change.

Sal said...

Oh, I dunno, Van. The Tea Party pic is a treat, but I've always liked Van and his Books. It's iconic.

Was up at the elementary school hanging new hall signs yesterday during the President's speech to the schoolchildren of America. Didn't get to hear any of it- but apparently the first grade thought he was a laff riot.

JP said...

At this point, I am making the assumption that the Tea Party is going to be the major new political force in this k-cycle winter/Crisis era.

A problem for the Republicans is that they are facing the same problem as Obama faced two years ago. They are going to win the wrong election. The Republicans needed to be running in the NEXT election. Now Obama will blame the Republicans when the economy stays in the gutter for the next two years.

My guess is that the Republican House/Senate will fail to improve the economy, since no one is going to deal with the major problem of too much debt and too many bailouts of too big to fail banks.

Obama is Hoover II. And the Great Recession is rolling on.

Van Harvey said...

JP said "my Internet Explorer is garbling the comments on the left sidedar."

You mean showing something like '#@!%&' for symbols in the text? I noticed on XP, but seems fine on Vista & Win 7... oh well.

"They are going to win the wrong election."

Well, only if they claim to be doing anything but repealing and undoing.

Even if they had the spine to actually fix what's broken, they couldn't until Obamao is out of office. The message ought to be '1st stop the runaway train, then get a new conductor and put it back on track.'

Van Harvey said...

Sal, I agree on the pic, I was about to switch it and then thought 'What... like I enjoy hard labor?' nah... gimmee my books, I'm good.

I probably do need to update it though, been a year or so... I'll just grab Rachel & her camera again and redo the same ol' same old... " I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal. People know me. I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany..."

Van Harvey said...

JP said "My guess is that the Republican House/Senate will fail to improve the economy"

BTW, I've no doubt that the GOP will fail at everything, unless they wake up really damn fast. Like Yabu said, we're done waiting for them - get with the program or get (stay) lost.

I don't want the 'Tea Party' to become any sort of actual political organization, but it seems to have a place at the moment in slapping faces and passing out coffee.

mushroom said...

Van, this American Conservative article goes right along with the Tea Party not being a political party. Surprise! Saul Alinsky may have been one of us.