Friday, September 10, 2010

President Obama, the Pyro Pastor and the Constitution going up in flames

Well it looks like the kooky Pyro Pastor is currently backing off his weenie roasting plans, but this ridiculous issue has left me with a question for our President.

President Obamao said about the Mosque that he only intended to assert that they have a constitutional right to build a mosque (which I don't believe anyone questioned, but I did have a few more thoughts on it here), but that he had not, and would not, comment on the wisdom of whether or not it was a good idea to build it.

Hmmm. Fascinating.

What is?

Well... funny thing, but I don't recall the President going out of his way in order to make any similar announcement about the Pyro Pastor having an unquestioned constitutional right to make bonfires out of whatever he'd like to (which, loosely speaking, he does, and I do believe the President had no qualms against protestors burning the American Flag and so forth), and yet... he didn't seem to have a problem voicing his opinion on the wisdom of whether or not it was a good idea for the Pyro Pastor to burn a particular book - in fact, the President publicly said that he should not.

Why? Well, because he says we shouldn't do anything to annoy, offend or antagonize the islambies, of course. Might be upsetting especially to those particular ones who we are at war with... wouldn't want that.

Huh. Well... why, I wonder, doesn't he have similar concerns for the feelings, passions and beliefs of his own countrymen? I mean... this, the United States of America, and the Constitution of the United States of America is what he has sworn to uphold and defend... right?

I'm really kind of curious why he was so quick to publicly point out the constitutional rights of people, several of whom are non-citizens, and many if not most of the financial backing is being sought from non-citizens, to build a mosque at Ground Zero... but he apparently has zero such concerns for the Constitutional Rights of a United States citizen, to practice his 'freedom of speech', at his church, and in fact President Obamao is more than willing to comment on the wisdom of his actions.

I find that fascinating.

I also think he's acting stupidly, but... that is his right. As an American Citizen. Under our Constitution.



USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Well said, Van.

Very good questions. In fact, with those questions in mind, it is readily apparent (except to those in deep denial) that Obama has a might say a pattern of this type of behavior.

At the very best, I would hafta say Obama is inconsistent irt our First Ammendmentment freedom of speech (as all neo-marxists are forced to be based on their ideology).

However, that doesn't resolve him from his pledge to defend our Constitution, whether he likes it or not. Ujnfortunately, it's all too obvious at this point what Obama's real intentions are when it comes to our Constitution .

Many of us suspected as much based on Obama's past actions, but if there was any small doubt left in anyone's mind on Obama's intentions regarding our liberties, his latest actions blow those outta the water.

And this is yet another reason I don't believe Obama is smart in any sense of the word.
Clinton at least was smart enough to hide his true intentions. Granted, he had a GOP Congress to "help" him, butr even with a democrat majority I doubt Clinton would've gone as far as Obama (and he'll go farther still if given the chance) in destroying our liberties.

Hell, even Carter wasn't that far left (or stupid).

I fully intend (and am, presently) to expose this lie (that the left champions free speech) at every opportunity. No one can honestly entertain that notion anymore in even the remotest sense.

Again, we already knew this, but this is a stellar example.

Joan of Argghh! said...

It would have been better if it weren't a church activity, but I am glad of the darkness being brought to ligh just by the threat of burning the damnable book.