Wednesday, July 18, 2012

President Obama and the Oppressor in the Mirror

You know what's really infuriating about Obama's 'You didn't do it alone!' statement? Not only the economic ignorance it expresses (which for $140 grand you too can attain along with a handy-dandy college degree, suitable for framing!), but the pure insult it issues to anyone who has ever chosen to purchase a single thing.

When you decided, on your own, to go to the store and buy a dozen eggs, did you impose your will upon the chicken farmer? Did you oppress him into doing your bidding? Did you use the grocery store as a proxy for that?

The free market is the means by which complete strangers, people who in other circumstances might even be enemies, are able to come together to cooperate for their mutual benefit.

And he derides this. Of course this man is Anti-American, he doesn't understand the first thing about being an American.

Do you?

The idea that building a business on your own, would, could, mean that you would do so isolated and alone in a vacuum, is, and should be, offensive and inexcusable in anyone other than the smallest of children. Any business person, any child, realizes that doing anything in any society, means doing so with not only the involvement of others and by means of the real wealth - roads, bridges, coffee, high thread count sheets - which that society has had the liberty necessary to produce.

The idea that to attain any wealth means not only doing it on your own, but that it means doing it without the cooperation of others, that using money means imposing your will upon others, rather than being a means of coming to mutual agreement, is less a description of how free markets operate, than a confession on the part of leftists, of their deepest desires.  Obama sees businessmen and the wealthy not so much as oppressors, but as rivals to the power he desires.

The leftist presumption, from Rousseau to Marx to Keynes to Wilson to Obama, is that lives are lived not by those who are living them, but by the environment which shapes them; that you do not choose to live your life, rather, as a steel ball in an old pinball machine, you are bumped, or nudged, by one external environmental obstruction or another, towards the hole at the end of the game.

In the ideas of leftists, it is not Law and Liberty which free you to choose and build a life, but power which must be used to affect the direction and speed that your life should be reformed into, in order to shape society as those 'brighter lights' among us - 'intellectuals'(not!) and legislators - determine is best for all.

For the leftist, power is what they desire and pine for, and money is the means of seizing the power required to impose their will upon all 'for their greater good'. Any money which you retain, is power which they have been deprived of - for the moment.

The only thing that is really at issue here, is whether or not you are to be free to make your own decisions, and to associate with those you choose to, or not.

Will you be able to live your own life, or will you allow government officials to to make your choices, live your life, for you?

Obama & Fauxcohontas Lizzie Warren, Cass Sunstein, Harry Reid, Paul Krugman and all the rest, not only deride the idea of the Free Market and its most fundamental requirement, your liberty and its defense by The Law; they insult you and anyone else who ever chose to do anything, whether buying a dozen eggs, or building a successful business, they curse you as misanthropes, oppressors and tyrants - in other words, they curse you for what they see in the mirror.

Will you choose to live your own life and allow others to live theirs, or will you use the power of government to force your neighbor to please your desires.

That is what you are voting for this November, and the result will tell us all who America sees when it looks in their mirror.


mushroom said...

Obama sees businessmen and the wealthy not so much as oppressors, but as rivals to the power he desires.

You have nailed it. You shall have no other gods before the State. Everybody needs to read this one.

Anonymous said...

What a great series of posts. (This and the next several). Loved your piece on religion and intellect, and the two on the 2nd amendment. Wow. You're on fire! I hesitated to comment because there isn't anything I can add to improve on your words.