Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Curious Case of the Unquestionable Senator Claire McCaskill - Media? Can't you find your words?

I'm just a little curious about why those who are paid to be curious, are showing so little signs of being, even the least bit, curious. Those of you who saw the MO Senate Debate last week... saw Claire McCaskill wearing her usual calm, cool & collected, poised and color coordinated self, the very picture of the moderate professional.

And then... Dana Loesch asked about a whistle blower from her husband's company, and POOF! Moderate Claire vanished in a puff of ire, and nasty, spitting mad Claire appeared in her place.

What I'm curious about, is what about that story, of her husband cutting deals in the Senate dining room, what about that made little miss moderate Claire McCaskill become so unhinged?

Why did her campaign squelch the story when the New York Times considered running it? Why did her campaign try and silence the Daily Caller from running it?

But even more curious, is why are there no journalists in Missouri even looking into this story?

Well, almost none, the Southeast Missourian did run one story:
"Conservatives calling out McCaskill for suit against husband"
Which is just fine, they don't have to support the story... but... as journalists, isn't it their job to investigate and report the story, so that their readers and listeners are aware and informed?

Why have no other NEWS Media outlets but this one, looked into the story?

Isn't curiosity... their job?

And how about you, dear reader, don't you have a responsibility to watch the watchdogs?

There are plenty of stories on unethical and dishonest doings in the McCaskill camp... but very, very little is ever mentioned in the media... doesn't that make you just the littlest be upset?

Well... what is it that you do when you're upset, do you typically sit quietly and do nothing? Say nothing? Tell no one else about what you are upset about?


Well then here are some people who you should be letting know that you are not happy with their failure to do their job, at your, your state's, and your nations, expense.

And those are not the only stories, there are also these:
And there are plenty more where those came from too, such as:
Is there any truth to these stories? Isn't it the job of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA to find out?

Make yourself HEARD!

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