Monday, May 06, 2013

Show Me Action for today against the Common Core State Standards in Missouri

My final (for the moment) post on Common Core State Standards will be posted tonight, in the meantime, I'm forwarding a message that you can - must! - take action on today:

A Message from:
Missouri Coalition Against Common Core
Missouri Education Watchdog

RE: Senate Bill 210,
Sen. John Lamping
Sen. Brian Nieves
Text of SB 210 here:

Common Core Standards are a hot topic in the State of Missouri these days, especially after the eight meetings held across the State last Thursday by the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). From the reports received from those attending these meetings, it is apparent that things did not go as smoothly as DESE would have liked, due in large part to an ever-increasingly informed citizenry. We now feel it is time to strike “while the iron is hot”.

  • At the meetings, DESE never did answer questions on cost or data. These are the two issues Senator Lamping wants DESE to talk about in SB210 in the eight townhall meetings around the state with Commissioner Nicastro in attendance.
  • No answers were given as to the data mining of students…
  • Exactly what data is being collected?
  • WHY are they collecting the data?
  • Who is going to be privy to the data?
  • We know for a fact that third parties will be given access to this data…
  • Who are these third parties?
  • What do they plan to do with this information?
  • Have they asked for the parents’ permission before collecting this data?
  • DESE and Governor Nixon adopted these standards BEFORE they were even written!
It is imperative that SB210 is passed so DESE finally has to answer to the Legislature and the people on these critical questions.

Here’s what you can do to help…
Note: Please help us spread the word by forwarding this information to all of your contacts/network affiliations, asking them to take action as well.

Please call and e-mail your senator, as well as Senator Lamping, Senator Dempsey, and Senator Richard and tell them you support SB 210 (text below).

It's easy!

To find your senator's contact information, just enter your zip code in the appropriate box on this senate webpage

Also, please e-mail and call the following senators. Thank Senator Lamping for sponsoring the bill, and ask Senators Dempsey and Richards to see that SB 210 passes in the senate:

Senator John Lamping, Sponsor of SB 210
State Capitol Room 426
(573) 751-2514

Senator Tom Dempsey, President Pro Tem
State Capitol Room 326
(573) 751-1141

Senator Ron Richard, Majority Floor Leader
(573) 751-2173
Why isn't the media covering this important issue? The story is as massive and important as the Department of Revenue debacle and the governor's involvement in lack of transparency and setting policy outside of legislative approval.

Call the Media today and ask them that question. Send in your “letters to the editor” letting them know your opinion, questions and concerns about Common Core.


  • Go to the MO Education Watchdog website and sign the "Get MO out of Common Core" petition (at this link
  • MO Coalition Against Common Core is building a speaker's bureau so you can have them give a presentation at meetings with your friends, relatives, neighbors, and groups you are affiliated with. Sign up on their website…
  • Be sure to become a member of MO Coalition Against Common Core to receive emails with important action can also volunteer to visit/lobby legislators in Jeff City. Education and spreading the word is so imperative!
If you want more information on Common Core before taking action go to:
Missouri Coalition Against Common Core
Missouri Education Watchdog

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