Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hey GOP! Less is more!!!

I've got a new winning strategy for you GOP...

If you want my vote, you've got to promise that you won't give me one damn thing!

Promise on your life and your sacred honor, that you'll give me less, less regulations, less taxes, less Govt in me and my family's lives.

Ed Martin

I don't want your damn help in my medical decisions, I don't want your damn help saving me from foreign competition, I damn sure don't want you trying to make my kids 'smarter', and I don't want your damn help making my gallon of gas go farther - the only help I do want is in removing Govt from my life.

Promise me that, credibly, consistently, and I'll tell everyone I see about you.

I'll knock on doors in my spare time for you.

I'll speak to groups about you, I'll help knock down any gift bearing RINO that gets in your way in the primaries.

We'll work our butts off to get you elected.

Stephanie Ruhbach, Dr.Windsor and moi

But. Only. If. You. Promise. Us. Less.

And if you dare bring me home any bacon from D.C., We'll see to it that you find that fabled elephants grave yard.

In 2010, less is more.

Just ask these People and these. But don't double cross these folks, they, and all the rest of us, will be watching.

Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft and 97.1's Dana Loesch

Remember, deliver us less and we'll give you more.


Joan of Argghh! said...

I'm your huckleberry!

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

Right on brother!

xlbrl said...

I'd say Reagan accomplished something like that, but look where we are now even so. Without momentum there is no power. We need to turn this freight train around and send it the other way.

Van Harvey said...

Xlbrl said "I'd say Reagan accomplished something like that, but look where we are now even so. Without momentum there is no power. We need to turn this freight train around and send it the other way. "


No single, or even group, of politicians will ever be able to do more than implement a temporary holding action, and unless supported by a sizable segment of the population, not even that.

The ultimate answer should be readily visible everywhere we turn, if nothing else, than by it's negative.

The politically aware part of the country, at least until the first bailout began to shock large numbers of people who'd never paid attention before, into paying attention, has had no particular regard or belief in the Constitution or it's amendments. By proper law, which is derived from that constitution, most of the legislation enacted in the 20th century shouldn't have been possible; but people knew not and cared not.

Prohibition was passed - most people didn't give a fig for it, it had no lasting power, and it was finally repealed.

Unless the Law, and it's underpinnings, are understood and valued by a significant portion of We The People, then we will be a nation ruled by men, not by Laws. We The People will be an unlawful people.

The Law has to be written in the hearts and souls of the people, or it won't be Law, and it won't be followed - it'll at best be rules of a game to be followed when it appears there's a chance of being caught out of bounds, and that's the crumbling slope we are sliding upon now - and no Good Law will stop it - not for long.

As I've said before, our fall didn't begin with the Fed or with Trust Busting, it began in the schools 40 years earlier (and among the intelligentsia 60 years before that), and there is no quick fix that will be able to legislate sense and morality (I don't mean religiosity, I mean Morality) across the land.

There needs to be a widespread recognition that what we've been doing is wrong, and an even more widespread willingness, even eagerness, to learn why it was wrong and what was and is right.

That means a refusal to entertain any politically correct notions not only yourself, but to publicly denounce and laugh at them, to ridicule and denigrate them amongst your family, friends, co-workers, and in public.

It means abandoning the public schools and the teachers colleges where their ideas are bred and disseminated from.

It means repealing the 17th and 16th amendments and all the agencies & regulations spawned from them.

In other words it means that what took us 150 years to get into (I think the 1960's marked the full development of the beast, the last 50 yrs have just been the obvious waves rippling out from it), will probably take about the same to get out of. The good news is that the seeds of the counter-counter revolution have been germinating for several decades... so as dark as it seems at the moment, we've got a head start on the matter.

But it is still going to be a very long, tedious, hard fought battle, to even begin putting things right, and it's going to have to start with teaching people why the Constitution was written, and why it was written as it was... what were the ideas and why they were so important that a Revolution had to be fought over them in the first place.

But... I've got nothing better to do at the moment, so what the hey.