Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tea Party parting thoughts - UPDATED

******************Update Pictures from Nov 28th Tea Party******************

View from the teapot:From within Keiner Plaza

Take a look at detailed coverage, quality pictures and clips of speech's from Acorn buster James O'keefe, Dana Loesch, Gina Loudon, Bill Hennesy, and more, on Tea Party posts from Gateway Pundit's, Keyboard Militia, Sharp Elbows, A Traditional Life, and Dana Loesch, Reboot Congress (has Jay Stewart's speech) for better quality pictures of the finished Tea Party Product.

But here's a couple behind the behind-the-scenes pics, such as, before we could put up The Gulag, it took some elbow grease even getting it to the party. CampusGulag's super secret Gulag storage facility, had it's high-tech elevator go down, so we had to get it out of the bldg the old fashioned way - handing the hefty panels down one at a time from the roof!

Some of the Gulag builders union local 1776, admiring it's handiwork:

Joe the Dairy Farmer, Commandant John Burns, Myself and an Inmate

Gulag Commandant, John Burns, administering some ObamaCare to Tea Party leader Bill Hennessy:

Commandant John Burns administers Obamacare Bill Hennessey

Excuse my lame videography, as Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft rouses the crowd:

A quick thought as I dash out to today's (my B-Day, btw) Tea Party, from Edmund Burke, who knew a thing or two about governments attempting what they should not,

"thoughts and details on scarcity
Of all things, an indiscreet tampering with the trade of provisions is the most dangerous, and it is always worst in the time when men are most disposed to it: that is, in the time of scarcity. Because there is nothing on which the passions of men are so violent, and their judgment so weak, and on which there exists such a multitude of ill-founded popular prejudices.

The great use of Government is as a restraint; and there is no restraint which it ought to put upon others, and upon itself too, rather than on the fury of speculating under circumstances of irritation. The number of idle tales spread about by the industry of faction, and by the zeal of foolish good-intention, and greedily devoured by the malignant credulity of mankind, tends infinitely to aggravate prejudices, which, in themselves, are more than sufficiently strong. In that state of affairs, and of the publick with relation to them, the first thing that Government owes to us, the people, is information; the next is timely coercion: the one to guide our judgment; the other to regulate our tempers.

To provide for us in our necessities is not in the power of Government. It would be a vain presumption in statesmen to think they can do it. The people maintain them, and not they the people. It is in the power of Government to prevent much evil; it can do very little positive good in this, or perhaps in any thing else...
It's nothing new, fools are a crop that never fails to produce. It is up to the Farmer to weed them out or let his land be over run.

The Plain Truth

John Burns, Gulag Commandant

No Property Rights, No Property, All Gulag all the time


julie said...

Happy birthday, Van! Sagittarius, huh? It all comes clear now ;)

A Tea Party sounds like an awesome way to spend the day. I hope the right people are listening and learning.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Happy Birthday, Van!
I hope you had a fun and joyous one! :^)

"It's nothing new, fools are a crop that never fails to produce. It is up to the Farmer to weed them out or let his land be over run."

And, sadly, it's been a bumper crop the last few major election cycles.

Sal said...

Happy B-day, one day late!
More and more, I think so many things could be fixed by just leaving them alone.
People are not machines!

I dunno, Julie- I'm a Sag, too. Must be a big tent...

Van Harvey said...

Thanks guys!

An excellent B-Day, a little light workout & protesting for the morning and afternoon (checkout the updated pics & links), then crazed samurai chef's for dinner with the family, and home to handmade B-Day cards & a movie.

Ah... older and wiser.


Ex-Dissident said...

Happy Birthday, Van.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Van, funny thing is my birthday is tomorrow. The 30th. That explains so much to me. haha

Joan of Argghh! said...

Happy Birthday, Van!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Van.

Tom Seest

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Happy Birt, Lance!
Welcome to the thirties! :^)

Van Harvey said...

Thanks all!

Van Harvey said...

Lance, I missed that, Happy Birthday to you too!