Thursday, August 09, 2012

Claire McCaskill - Extremist of Extremism

Claire McCaskill has apparently decided on her campaign strategy - declare conservative Congressmen Todd Akin, to be an 'extremist'. Leaving aside what that says about her fellow Missourians who just elected Todd Akin to be the Republican candidate for Senator, what is it that ClaireBear considers to be so extreme about Todd Akin?

According to a San Francisco Chronical report,
"Todd Akin is out of the mainstream," McCaskill said as she kicked off her campaign with a news conference at a Kansas City sheet metal fabricator. A sign touting her as "a senator on our side" was propped on a raised forklift."
Wouldn't you consider "a senator on our side" to be on the side of Missourians?

Missouri is a major coal state ... if Claire is 'on our side', would you expect that side to be on, or against, Missouri's ability to mine and operate Coal Powered power plants? Not the case. She has sided with the Obama Administration and the EPA, in imposing controls that are effectively shutting down a major portion of the Missouri economy. And attempted to deny it.

Claire's response to that situation has been,
" There's so much the government should do and can do, and then there's some stuff the government shouldn't do," she says. "I'm trying to find that balance right now."
For Claire McCaskill, one of the 'nations richest lawmakers', she thinks finding 'balance' between the livelihoods of the people of your state, and the policies of the EPA, is that the same as being 'on our side'? Personally, I find that to be extremely misleading and dishonest, and extremely detrimental to jobs and budgets in Missouri, don't you?

Claire says,
"We're going to prove to Missourians that Todd Akin is out of touch with their problems, out of touch with the pain that they feel, and out of touch with the views that they hold dear,"
Apparently, according to Claire, the fact that Akin believes that the government is not above the law, makes him an extremist. Is that an idea that you find to be extreme?

Or the fact that he believes that those in government are not themselves above the laws they create. Does that sound extreme to you?

Granted, it may be uncomfortable for politicians such as Claire McCaskill, who came to expect being able to ignore the tax laws, as she did when choosing to avoid paying taxes on her private airplane, that they helped write for you to live under... but... does that make Akin extreme... or Claire?

Claire is for the health care laws, which the vast majority of Missourians have shown themselves again and again to be opposed to, and which you will have to live under... though she will not, if she can remain in the senate, that is... does that make Akin an extremist, or Claire?

My recently former employer recently sent me an email, expressing their regret that they will have to cut back on the health care that they can offer to their hundreds of employees. They were announcing rising costs and lowered services, because of the new ObamaoCare laws soon beginning to go into effect, not only require that those policies and services be reduced, but that your ability to match their employees contributions to their own health savings accounts, etc, be reduced and restricted. They diplomatically communicated that they feared further changes will be coming soon which might imperil their ability to offer the quality of care package that they have always sought to extend to their employees,
"...Employee sponsored health care is changing. We have begun to see small aspects of that change in our current plan and will see a bit more in the plan that will take effect September 1. Most of the current change involves mandatory benefits, and you should have received information on these changes from our current provider. In addition, some of you may maintain separate flexible medical spending accounts. Please be aware that as of January 1, 2013, the new health law limits contributions to such accounts to $2,500 annually from the current $5,000. The most fundamental changes to employee sponsored health care is scheduled to take effect in 2014 which may greatly affect our renewal in September of 2013. While it is too early and difficult to predict what our renewal bids will look like a year from now, our intent and desire will be to continue offering employees of (company name) the choice of private health care delivery assuming it is economically feasible to do so...."
That came about as a direct result of the policies that Claire McCaskill championed for Obama, while she occupied one of Missouri's Senate seats.

Remember, Claire is the one who said that Tarp and the auto bailout were 'wildly successful' policies, and expected ObamaoCare to be same, for the same reasons.

I think that's extreme... don't you?

I think the result of Claire McCaskills policies have helped impose an extreme hardship upon us all, don't you?

I think Claire McCaskill's attempt to impugn Todd Akin as an 'extremist' for expecting government, and those serving in it, to follow the law, is itself an extremist position.

Don't you?

Nancy Pelosi famously said
"But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.”
Can you find any real difference between what Pelosi said there, and what Claire McCaskill said about ObamaoCare here,
"I understand that parts of it are not popular, but I don’t think most Missourians understand whats all in it because it hasn’t gone into effect yet,” McCaskill said in an interview. “I think if they give it a chance, they might be surprised how much they like it.”"
Claire McCaskill is every bit as extreme as is Nancy Pelosi, Claire's problem is that her constituents, Missourians, are nowhere near as extreme as Pelosi's in San Francisco, so Claire has to try and pretend to be what she is not, a moderate, by calling her opponents 'Extreme', in order to divert attention away from her own beliefs and policies.

I find Claire McCaskill's effort to hide her own misdeeds and policies, by calling her opponent extreme, to be an extremely dishonest and cowardly line of attack, and one that depends upon her fellow Missourians being too lazy and stupid to understand the nature of her attacks, hoping to avoid the truth of her own extremely damaging positions by painting her opponent as an 'extremist'.

Claire McCaskill is an extremist of extremism, and I am extremely looking forward to her being removed from the senate this November - along with her buddy Obama.


mushroom said...

I offer this as an Akin campaign commercial:

Narrator: Claire McCaskill, wealthy nursing home owner -- the deciding vote on Obamacare.

Cut to Claire's townhall where she threatened to use her "mom voice".

Narrator: Claire McCaskill knows better than you who your doctor should be, what you should eat [flash image of fat Claire], what kind of car you should drive, and what guns you should be allowed to own [flash image of a blunderbuss]."

Narrator: Without McCaskill's vote, there would be no Obamacare Mandate forcing you to buy what Claire thinks you need. Vote for Todd Akin."

mushroom said...

Actually I meant for the last line to read "what 'Mom' thinks you need".

Anonymous said...

Your man Akin sure got famous fast today. Even the rest of the GOP is backing away from his rape about you?

Van Harvey said...

See my post here MO GOP: What Price Principles? Just one gaffe... and we'll give your change back!

Van Harvey said...

;-) What's a Jaco? Never forget, This is a Jaco. Purveyor of fake news, for over two decades!