Thursday, August 09, 2012

Do you expect to live your own life? It's a simple question.

Do you expect to live your own life? It's a simple question. The answer to which determines whether or not you are an American, or are Anti-American

Too harsh? Too bad. Answer the question. Do you expect to be able to live your own life? Don't worry, there remains plenty of room within a 'yes' answer for us to find innumerable areas to disagree upon, but upon this one question, all further communication depends.

Do you expect to be able to live your own life?

If yes, then welcome to the club, the club which is populated with a subset of those living in America, who are actually Americans.

Now, if you do expect to be able to live your own life, doesn't that require that you be at liberty to make your own choices in and for your own life? Do you believe that you are able, capable, entitled, to make other choices for other people, to live their lives... while still expecting to be free to live your own life?

Is such a view compatible with equal Rights for all?
Is such a view compatible with equality under the law?

Have you considered this? Seriously, have you? Have you considered what it means to want to force others to comply with your wishes, while somehow being left free from their desire to force you to comply with their wishes?

It is all well and good to want to see that every American has their health care needs met. Who doesn't, it is a laudable sentiment. One which, according to the left, a majority of Americans agree with. Answer me this - is there any reason why you and your majority, can't associate together, to provide low cost health care to those in need of it?

Is there some level of efficiency which you feel 200+ new governmental bureaucracies, are going to bring to providing your service, that you, focused upon your cause, couldn't provide yourself?

What is it?

You don't want to answer that, do you? What is it that the govt brings to the issue, other than the ability to compel, force, everyone else to conform to your wishes?

Do you really expect to be free to deprive others of their freedom? How long do you expect to remain one of the privileged 'others' and separate from the imposed upon 'we'?

Another question: Do you have such a low opinion of your fellow Americans, that you believe that the vast majority of them would not be favorable to your project, and would not contribute some measure of time, effort and money, towards your efforts to aid your fellow Americans?

Think of the unprecedented outpouring of donations to help victims of worldwide disasters in Japan, Indonesia, Haiti, Katrina, 911... why would you think your fellow American would be so stingy to your efforts to help those in need right here, in your neighborhood?

What does that say about your allegedly 'good intentions'?

One last question, a rhetorical one borrowed from Thomas Sowell, how is it that you believe me greedy, mean spirited, etc, in wanting to remain free to make my own decisions and spend my money myself... and yet you don't find it greedy, mean spirited, etc, for you to want to take my money from me and deprive me of my liberty to make my own decisions about living my own life?

I would dearly love an answer to these questions.

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The Old Man said...

Seems to me that you have mentioned most of the glaring problems that some of us face daily. Unwillingness to declare a stand should not be taken as a declaration of opting-out; rather it should be treated as a "wait and see" attitude.
But do not forget that those who say nothing and support the viewpoint. One may not get a count of that number, but they will appear as support as they see fit.

Just my opinion.