Monday, August 06, 2012

My Primary Sense

Ok, here are my two cents for tomorrow's Missouri Primary, for what it's worth.

Governor: Bill Randles
I have seen no one else better express the essentials of what government can, should, and should not do, and the importance and meaning of Individual Rights and the role of the Law in protecting them, than Bill Randles. Click on his link, hear him out yourself.

United States Senator: Todd Akin
While I do have issues on many of Mr. Akin's previous positions and votes, I don't question his understanding of the need to bring govt back under the control of the Constitution, or of his having the character to take a position he believes to be in the right, even when it might appear expedient to do otherwise.

I have no particular objections to Sarah Stealman, her ability, character or understanding of conservative positions, but I do question her ability to forcefully convey that understanding in a campaign with Claire McCaskill, and so in the primary, my vote goes to who I've seen drive those positions home quite ably, and that's Todd Akin.

Brunner... I find to be someone ready, willing and able to say what he thinks will be politically viable (see my post here). I've had enough of that.

United States House Representative Mo District 2: Randy Jotte
I'm admittedly not going on a lot of information here, regarding Jotte, but Ann Wagner is a long time GOP operative, and while she has done much that was good, her dismissal of our concerns over Aerotropolis, confirms to me that she will not be standing against the expansion of govt, but will instead merely divert it into GOP friendly avenues.

That's got to stop.

Jotte I know little about, other than his being a doctor and raising a family indicates the intelligence and character needed for the position, and having no issue with his stated conservative positions - that'll get my X.

Attorney General: Ed Martin
He's been an outspoken opponent of every aspect of Obamacare from the beginning.

Secretary of State: Shane Schoeller
Scott Rupp may have long standing conservative credentials, but with his efforts to turn Prop C from a State Constitutional Amendment, into a meaningless (but easier done) statute, and some of the statements I know him to have made regarding centralizing education, such as with Race To The Top, in order to score Federal budget money $$$... no thanks - see for yourself:

Neighboring district races:
United States House Representative MO District 1: Martin Baker
I personally know Martin to be a solid conservative who has time and time again stepped up and put in his time and effort at the grassroots level to bring government under control, and I've no doubt he'll do the same in Congress.

Missouri State Assembly Representative MO District 70: Tyler Holyfield
Tyler is someone I learned of through a friend of one of my sons, but he wins my support with this:
Property Rights
You have the right to property and to protect that property. I believe in this ideal and will do everything I can to protect your property.
“The Right of property is the guardian of every other Right, and to deprive the people of this, is in fact to deprive them of their liberty”
That's a viewpoint we desperately need in our government
Dokes is another longtime GOP operative who too often sides with the establishment, especially in regards to centralized govt control of Education.

Precinct Committeemen!
A little mentioned but extremely important position regarding what and who have a chance to become issues and be voted upon. If you want to see the GOP remade from the ground up, these are some of the people ready, willing and able to see that done!

Missouri River: Lloyd Sloan
Hadley Township: Jackie Coleman
Wildhorse: Anne Gassel
Queeny: Lee Presser
Maryland Heights: Margaret Walker
Missouri River: Annette Read
Jefferson Township: Frieda Keough


mushroom said...

My wife is voting for Akin. I have been leaning toward the non-politician Brunner. I'll decide when I have the pen in my hand this afternoon. Steelman is a loser in the Talent mode.

I'll take your recommendation on Randles as I have no idea. Martin and Schoeller I agree with.

Van Harvey said...

Mushroom, I had initially started off in favor of Brunner for that 'non-politician' factor, but by his comments and actions (some of which I noted in this post), he's shown himself to be, IMHO, all that I despise in a 'career politician' - I think he just found his calling late in life.

I've been asked about the Kinder vs Lager for Lt. Gov. race, and I'm really just not all that impressed with either... Kinder has been supportive of Tea Party issues, but he's also been happy to support the centralizing of education. Lager, legislation wise, is a mixed bag as well, and many of his comments are so carefully made that it's obvious they're meant more to conceal than convey & I really hate that. But my opinion isn't strong enough either way to say one way or the other. I'll probably do the coin toss in the voting booth... likely will come down on Kinder's name... but I wouldn't call that a Choice.

Amendment 2 'Prayer' bill - I sympathize with those in favor of it, and I fully agree that the Bill of Rights ought to be in every classroom... but I don't think we need another law to protect the Rights we already have, or to tell us what we must do - we need a populace and legislators that will refuse to allow them to be abused.

Legislation isn't going to fix that, it's more likely to create loopholes and a slew of unintended consequences.

Van Harvey said...

Then again, Kinder's judgment in other issues is worth questioning....

Van Harvey said...

, and then again, on the oily speech factor with Lager, on what Is is.

Van Harvey said...

and pork.


IOW, I didn't forget to mention the Lt. Gov race, I know I'm not for either, and I'm not sure which one I'm more against.