Monday, November 16, 2009

Health Control Target: Focusing In

In Case You Weren't Clear On The Danger
My House Representative, Todd Akin, came to our local community college today, giving a sobering assessment of the Health Control bill as "... the worst piece of legislation he had ever seen in his legislative lifetime...". He noted that he knew many of us "... feel on edge, with good reason..." and didn't hold back from saying that for the first time in his 9 yrs. in office, he felt actual fear for the direction of the country.

He brought a guest speaker with him, Ron Bachman, from the Center for Health Transformation, a Newt Gingrich project (which personally, registers as a less than positive endorsement, for me). He also offered no sugar coating, and I was pleased to hear him
(Sorry about the vid 'quality'... I'll have to upgrade from my PocketPC phone)

characterize the plan similar to how I have, that "...this bill has nothing to do with "Health" or "Health Care", it has to do with Power." and that "...Joe the Plumber was right... he discovered that it is about the redistribution of wealth. "

I completely agree.

He noted that if you want to see how the healthcontrol bill is about Power, search it for "Shall's", as in "You shall do this, and you shall do that, and you shall do what ever we say... ", this bill Slall's us 3,461 times. To see those parts of the bill where it is being used to redistribute wealth, search for the keyword"Grant", as in "...We Grant these people thi$ much, tho$e people that" such as "...WELLNESS PROGRAM GRANTS..." and " State qualifying for a grant under paragraph (1) shall receive less than $1,000,000, or more than $5,000,000 for a grant year..." ... Bachman said 481 times, but by my count, I found that Grant appears 366 times, and Grants appears 323 times... either way, that means very little attention given to 'allowing' you and me to keep our own wealth, to be used as we see fit - little of our own Lives, to be lived, as we see fit, as we see fit to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness....


Other black holes on the congressional horizon, are the Cap & Tax bill, which will bring the Federal Govt into questions of such national importance as how many electrical outlets you have in your garage, and requiring Carbon Footprint assessments for home additions you'd like to 'propose' for your dwelling.

Worst Case Option
If this healthcontrol bill manages to pass through the Senate and into (using the word loosely) "Law", one option which some states are pursuing, and one of our Missouri State Senators, Jane Cunningham, is passing amendments to their State Constitutions, which would prevent their their citizens from federal health care mandates by guaranteeing that they can choose their own health care and insurance options, to "...send a message to Washington that participation in an insurance plan is a personal decision and a right which should not be infringed upon...". Such amendments would ensure a new conflict between Federal and States Rights, and bring the matter to the Supreme Court.

Hardly the ideal scenario, but at least a ray of hope in the darkness of federal healthcontrol of our lives.

Parting Shot

I asked Congressmen Akin about, what Pelosi & Hoyer had taken to be a laugh line about where they found authorization under the Constitution for their healthcontrol bill, I asked him where do they think they find such authority? He noted that my question presumed an assumption - that being that they had read the Constitution in the first place.

Laughing through the tears.

Where Do I Go From Here...

I talked with several people this weekend, and today, who are involved with organizations around the state and in local activism, and I think where I might be able to find my best first niche on the scene, is by working through a few of them to round up some unsuspecting sleeping citizens and present them with the information about our Rights and the Constitution. With luck I'll be able to convince them to swallow the red pill, so that the sleepy citizen vanishes into a dream, and perhaps enough of us can wake up to how important it is that we defend our rights from these attacks - so that this nightmare just might have a chance of being prevented.

It's a start....


Ex-Dissident said...

It's getting so thick that even reuters can't excuse this.

mushroom said...

In Springfield there is a "Young Conservatives" group that was started by one of the local radio station managers -- KSGF. The guy to talk to is Vincent David Jericho -- a transplanted Canuck. He might have a venue or know of one.

I don't know if I have any friends left of any value in Jeff City or Columbia -- they're all gone or dead or both. I'll check with my daughter-in-law. She works in the Department of Education and might know of some people.

Ex-Dissident said...

hmm the link doesn't show up but the article was titled "experts question the motives of mammogram guidelines." and describes how a government task force came up with strange recommendations which would result in women 40-50 not being screened for breast cancer. This group makes up about 40% of the population who is found to have curable disease and who absolutely benefits from such routine screening. I can't believe that this information was displayed so prominently. It just confirms what the conservatives have been warning about government run health care.

Anonymous said...

Oh noes, the government gives out grants, let's call out the teabag militia.

Better get off the Internet, doofus, since it was developed using government grants.

Van Harvey said...

Ex-Dissident said "describes how a government task force came up with strange recommendations which would result in women 40-50 not being screened for breast cancer"

Which is what should be expected from an administration which manages to count thousands of jobs being "saved or created" in congressional districts... which don't exist!

Seriously... what should we expect from a liar, but lies? The only thing you give attention to a liar for, is to listen to what a liar doesn't tell you... that's the only truth you will hear from them... between their words.

Van Harvey said...

Thanks Mushroom, I remembered that you weren't that far away from my area and was going to contact you... any other info you find would be appreciated.

Van Harvey said...

aninnymouse said "- -"

Nice display of artificial intelligence. If you ever develop the nerve to deal with the real thing, I'd be happy to help you test it out, but until then, run along.

mushroom said...

Van, I had your email at one point but I can't find it. Send something to, and I'll forward what my DIL sent me.

Ex-Dissident said...

Van, I am still amazed that the government health redistributors are so open. I am amazed that sources like reuters report on it. In the end, I am amazed that so many people still haven't a clue. I guess whether the MSM reports the truth or not, doesn't matter anymore. The few who read or listen knew how to separate truth from fiction long ago.

Anonymous said...

Oh, look, it's area man.

Van Harvey said...

aninnymouse said "Oh, look..."

Oh, sorry onion breath, but linking to other people's wit doesn't demonstrate that you have any of your own.

Actually, and quite ironically (no doubt lost on you because you have either not read much of my blog, or hadn't the wit to recognize what you did read), reading the Constitution is practically a hobby of mine, not just the Constitution, but reading the ideas behind it, the history, literature and philosophy which it was developed from, as well as that which forms the opposition to it, it’s what I do for fun.

If you look towards the top right of my blog, under "Highly Recommended Reading:", the second item down, The Founders Constitution I've pretty much read inside and out.. for instance, the link for the Preamble (I'll just go ahead and paste that here, just in case you're not sure what that refers to),
"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. "

Underneath that, you'll find 21 links, to relevant passages or complete texts (most of those doc's that are only partially included, you'll find under the first link on my blog, The Online Library of Liberty) which either influenced the Founders in their understanding of the passage, and in their formulating and debating it, such as #1. John Locke, Second Treatise, § 131, 1689, or 2. William Blackstone, Commentaries 1:157, 1765 (one of my favorites - I strongly recommend the entire "Commentaries on the Laws of England", which you can find at the Online Library of Liberty).

Looking down a bit further, you'll find at #14, Patrick Henry's comment about "We The People"... although that's one of the few things most people remember about the Constitution... Patrick wasn't too thrilled that the Framers put it into quite those words... thought they were speaking WAY above their paygrade.

You might find some use in #19. McCulloch v. Maryland, with Chief Justice Marshall's opinion, he explains how that phrase relates not merely to 'the people', but to them as through the ratifying conventions of the states, and so becoming not only of the People, or of the States, but both, and "...The assent of the States, in their sovereign capacity, is implied in calling a Convention, and thus submitting that instrument to the people. But the people were at perfect liberty to accept or reject it; and their act was final. It required not the affirmance, and could not be negatived, by the State governments. The constitution, when thus adopted, was of complete obligation, and bound the State sovereignties... "... fascinating stuff.

(Friggin’ annoying anti-longwinded blogger break)

Van Harvey said...

I don't want to tax your ninny too much, but #21. from Joseph Story's Commentaries on the Constitution, is one which lefties really shouldn't be ignorant of (but then of course... then they wouldn't be lefties), as he skewers a few favorite libtard idiocies, which are commonly used to try and expand govt powers and dissolve the constitutional limits which the constitution puts upon them.

Sorry, that was probably a taxing amount of reading for a witty linker such as yourself... I'll wrap it up here... Oh, I know, so, here, try this - pick an idea... well, no, that's probably not fair to ask of an aninnymouse... pick a leftist 'position' you support, one which gets your happy thoughts a flowing, and do your best to state why you think it's really swell, the reasons which give it legitimacy, you know, make it look really good for the country and ethically admirable.

Give that a shot... and I'll then have a go at it... and we'll lay it out for all to see and judge for themselves, who understands best, what they're talking about. Deal?

If you're not up to that, don't bother coming back. I do have the delete button, and so far you're boring me.

ZZMike said...

"...where they found authorization under the Constitution for their healthcontrol bill, I asked him where do they think they find such authority? "

"Constitution? We don't need no Constitution. I don't have to show you any stinking Constitution."

[From "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" (1948).]

xlbrl said...

Towards the end of his life, a justifiably famous and brilliant liberal, who was also a debauched pederast, began to lament his legacies. I believe that was largely due to seeing the great numbers of people he had created who were very like anninymouse.

"We repudiated all versions of the doctrine of original sin, of there being insane and irrational springs of wickedness in most men. We were not aware that civilisation was a thin and precarious crust erected by the personality and the will of a very few, and only maintained by rules and conventions skillfully put across and guilefully preserved. We had no respect for traditional wisdom or the restraints of custom...As cause and consequence of our general state of mind we completely misunderstood human nature, including our own."

The great contribution of the Founders was in establishing a system of law and government that checked government, and one that permitted men to live apart, not as one; to be different, not alike. The truth is, the socialist detests diversity and will not abide it. He lacks skill, courage, adventure, and craves certainty above truth.