Thursday, May 26, 2011

Glover, Loesch, Gateway Pundit And The Good People Of Missouri vs the evil fred phelps’ westboro cult and the Tornados

Good vs. Evil
This Memorial Day weekend, you are probably going to hear that the evil inbred fred phelps westboro cult, the ones who regularly try to disrupt the funerals of veterans, are going to Joplin MO this weekend to spout off about how their vile twisted vision of gawd is pleased that over 120 people lost their lives in the tornado there earlier this week.


Nothing semi about how
these trucks were filled up so fast
Dave Glover Show live

Before you give those human vermin a second thought, I want you to take a look at these pictures:

These pictures to the right, are from today at one of the drop off locations which our (evil) Fox affiliate radio station, 97.1 FM, promoted this week, this one from the Dave Glover Show. They hoped to do a remote and fill up an 18 wheeler semi-truck with food and necessities for the people of Joplin MO.

Well... they did that. Before the first hour was up.

By the time I got there with my couple bags of goods, they’d filled up a 2nd semi, were working on a 3rd, and were very likely going to have enough left over to fill up a 4th truck. Before the end of the broadcast they were directing people to other locations, Churches, etc. for further pickups tomorrow - they couldn't handle any more generosity at the moment. This in addition to the multiple drop off locations promoted by Dana Loesch's The Dana Show, the Gateway Pundit and numerous other personalities, blogs, churches, Boy Scouts and so many others have been organizing and working hard for all week long.

Another 4 semi trucks full of household goods, diapers,
sheets, cleaners, water, etc. filled earlier in the week
Boy Scout Troop 62 from
the St. Joan of Arc Parish
So if those evil inbred SOB’s of fred phelps manage to cop a moment of your attention this Memorial Day weekend, flush 'em out, and focus on these scenes as cars, lined up around the block in three directions, several police cars directing traffic, as car after car after car patiently waited to be able to drop off their donation, or parked and got out to help the other volunteers to collect, load and organize what they and their fellows gave to help their fellow man in need, in any way they could.

Hats off to the Glover Show, and the Dana Show, Hansens Tree Service (for donating the Semi's) and everyone else involved from the other radio & T.V. stations, churches, blogs, who’ve been doing the very same thing all week long. For every evil SOB who manages to get some publicity, just remember, there are thousands of good decent people just itching to help their fellow man in need.

Truly, We Surround Them.

Remember that.


Anonymous said...

Truly we DO surround them!

mushroom said...

This group exists only to scam money in lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

So awesome the power of good overcoming evil, as far as the westboro antichristian church ignore them!

Sal said...

Some friends of our nephew's wife's sister have family in Joplin, who lost everything- but no casualties, thank God. They were taking a U-haul to MO over the weekend, so I remembered my Katrina expertise and hit the Wal-mart and Lowe's.
Lowe's, in fact, had a disaster clean-up section set up. I don't doubt they had one in every store around the country, knowing that all Americans would pitch in to help any one area.