Wednesday, May 04, 2011

PETA: Obviously a racist and anti-muslim organization

PETA obviously cares for the health and well being of those of us in Western nations, and assumes we are intelligent enough to appreciate and understand their messages - why do persist in such insulting neglect of the rest of the meat eating world?.

Why do they not show the same care for, and estimate of the intellectual capacities of people in Muslim nations? Is it because they are Muslim? Less predominantly of European descent? Do they feel their culture isn't up to being able to handle their truth?

This sort of blatant racism and anti-Muslim vitriol must not be allowed to continue! Call PETA today and demand that they show the same love, care and attention to their brothers and sisters in Cairo, Damascus and Tehran!

"Naked PETA Protestors Bring Anti-Meat Message to U. City
Brett Blume
May 4, 2011 1:15 PM

Print Share 0 UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. (KMOX) - Two nearly-naked women drew plenty of attention Wednesday as they stood on a raised platform near a University City intersection.

And that was the idea according to PETA spokesperson Virginia Fort, as they work to spread their message that “Meat is Murder”.

“When people see facts and figures, it doesn’t really catch their eye,” Fort explained to KMOX News as a group of men stood nearby, chatting up the barenaked ladies. “When you see two ladies who are standing on a street corner with nothing on but some markings, it grabs their attention.”"


julie said...

Heck, I'd be a lot more impressed if they would even just schedule one of those naked bike rides through some of the more "multicultural" parts of London - you know, those areas where non-Muslim women are warned to cover themselves if they know what's good for them.

tjones said...

George Orwell once wrote something along the lines of "Why don't pacifists march in totalitarian nations? Because they WILL be killed"